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Become a Teaching or Research Assistant in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

Teaching assistantships are awarded to advanced second professional degree MLA students and to first professional degree MLA students. Teaching assistants are involved in the process of developing course syllabi, course materials, delivery, grading, and other tasks assigned by the instructor.

There are three kinds of teaching assistantships:

  • Simple paid assistantship
    • Assigned to work with a specific class and instructor
    • Paid a flat rate based on predetermined number of hours
    • No academic credit for the course
  • Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP)
    • Assigned to work with both a specific class/instructor and the department/department head
    • Paid a flat rate based upon a predetermined number of hours worked per week
    • Receives tuition for the semester (fees not included)
    • Receives health care benefits
    • No academic credit for the course
  • Master’s Supervised Teaching
    • TA registers for LAR 685, Master’s Supervised Teaching
    • Not paid
    • Acquires teaching experience under the mentorship of a faculty member who assists the student in planning for the teaching assignment
      • Faculty member observes and provides feedback to the student during the teaching assignment, and evaluates the student upon completion of the semester
    • Academic credit is documented on the official transcript

If you are interested in learning more about assistantships within the Landscape Architecture Department, please contact university program associate Nikki Evans.

Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Scholarships

  • Landscape Architecture Foundation has a multitude of scholarships available to landscape architecture students.
  • Please contact faculty member, Kofi Boone, for more information about scholarships within and outside the NC State’s Landscape Architecture Department.