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Inter-Institutional Study

Students at NC State University may also register for courses at local universities (UNC–Chapel Hill, UNC-Greensboro, and Duke University) paying NC State University credit fees.  Our students have an exceptional range of courses and programs open to them through these inter-institutional study opportunities.

A cooperative agreement between the NCSU Department of Landscape Architecture and the UNC-Chapel Hill’s Department of City and Regional Planning exists that enables students to matriculate in both programs and earn CONCURRENT degrees from both institutions.  Certain elective requirements from each program are reduced to facilitate matriculation.  Students must comply with each institution’s specific policies and rules governing matriculation.  Please seek advisement to discuss your interests and matriculation plans with the department heads at both institutions.

Students may also take courses at the other Raleigh colleges that are members of the Cooperating Raleigh Colleges organization. (Currently, Meredith College is the only one of these colleges to offer graduate-level courses.)