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Student Organizations

Student American Association of Landscape Architecture (ASLA)

SASLA plans several technical workshops, social events and brown bag seminars with practitioners, and provides important input and advice to the faculty about the curriculum, courses, and the overall quality of the program.

SASLA also manages the Department’s Professional Development Mentor Program which pairs students with practitioners and the Peer-to-Peer Program which pairs incoming students with second and third-year students. Women in Landscape Architecture (WxLA) is a student group in association with the SASLA that reaches out to the professional community to strengthen networking opportunities for women in the profession. WxLA hosts networking events regularly throughout the school year, attended by NCSU students and faculty, with local professionals.

SASLA + WxLA Student Leaders

For questions or concerns, reach out to our current student leaders for 2024:

RoleNameEmail Address
PresidentDrake Elder
Vice PresidentWill
WxLA Co-PresidentMelissa
WxLA Co-PresidentAndrea Padilla
DEI ChairAmira
Professional Development ChairElissa
Professional Development ChairLauren Faye
Professional Development ChairSamantha

Peer to Peer Program (P2P)

To help our new incoming students transition to the department, SASLA implemented a “buddy” system wherein each new student is paired with one of our continuing second or third-year students. This program is intended to connect you with someone who may be able to answer some of your questions and help you learn the “ropes” during your first semester in the department. You will receive an email message explaining this program to you and introducing you to your new peer buddy. 

Professional Development Mentor Program

The Mentor Program connects LAEP students with practitioners having first-hand knowledge of and experience if the profession. Pairing new students with new mentors is planned for early October. If you are a returning student and have already been paired with a mentor, please continue communicating with your mentor. The co-chairs of the Professional Development Mentor Program will announce plans for the program at the beginning of the fall semester.

Student Advisory Group

The Student Advisory Group plays an important role that influences the making of our high performing/high quality MLA program. The Department Head and DGP and 9-12 students typically meet 2-3 times during the semester (on Wednesdays during the lunch hour, lunch provided) to discuss range of topics of concern to students including (but not necessarily limited to):

  • Current events in the community, region, country, and world
  • University, college, and department events: lecture series, brown bag lunches, SASLA functions
  • Courses and curriculum
  • Matriculation advising and mentorship
  • The health and wellbeing of students
  • Professional activities such as the Mentor Program, ASLA
  • Landscape Architecture licensure
  • Emerging practices and trends
  • Admissions
  • Faculty searches
  • Alumni achievements
  • Scholarships and GSSP procedures
  •  “Open Forum” discussion

This past year, for example, the Student Advisory Group raised and discussed concerns about courses required in the first year which led to the making of curriculum adjustments and improved course delivery coordination to be implemented this year. While there are about 12 people serving in this Group, (3-4 representing each year in the program), the meetings are open to all who want to participate. Please inform the Department Head or DGP if you would like to serve.