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AJ Polanco

Equitable testing for deaf and hard of hearing children, Cohort 1


Primary Research Area: Design Thinking, Methods, Materials & Education
Secondary Domain: Engaged Social Design and Organizational Strategies

Senior UX Designer with 7 years in UX and branding for companies of all scales across pharma, education, telecom, and hospitality. AJ holds a master’s in User Experience and Business from Rutgers University, where he serves as UXD Program Coordinator & Industry Advisory Board Member.

AJ currently works at Educational Testing Services, and his claim to fame is his ability to design in real-time. He loves to teach, learn alongside others, and ask a ton of questions. Other likes include video games, martial arts, and problem-solving.

Favorite Quote: “It’s not who you know– It’s who knows you!” – Unknown

Research Interest

My research area of interest is in new synchronous learning models to both increase the desirability of continuing education (especially design education), and create new business models for education.