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William Lidwell

Principles of universal design for cross-species communication, Cohort 3


Primary Research Area: Design Thinking, Methods, Materials & Education
Secondary Domain: Human-Computer Interaction, Digital Design and Communication

A designer, teacher and author, Will began his career as a systems designer for NASA, specializing in cockpit automation and astronaut training. He is the author of several books, including the best-selling Universal Principles of Design, and design lectures at The Great Courses and LinkedIn Learning.

Will currently serves as Vice President of Research and Development at Avenues: The World School, where he leads a team tasked with conducting research in education and the learning sciences, development of new educational curricula, programming, and technologies, and the architecture and design of new campuses around the world.

Research Interest

Will’s research interest is the development of a semiotics-information design framework for communication with alien intelligences, both terrestrial (non-human and future human) and extraterrestrial.