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Mike Ortosky

Resilient community-based food systems, Cohort 1


Primary Research Area: Spatial & Environmental Design
Secondary Domain: Engaged Social Design and Organizational Strategies

Mike is a native of North Carolina and currently the Ag and Food Systems Economic Developer for Orange County, North Carolina. He came to this position following a wide variety of experience as a Soil Scientist, Landscape Architect, and entrepreneur. That experience includes; soils and environmental analysis, planning and design, environmental restoration, agriculture, food systems, business management, and community and economic development. His interests have always centered on how we relate to our environment; how we affect it, are affected by it, and the degree to which design can influence that relationship.

Research Interest

Promotion of regional food systems as a programmatic driver for regional community and economic development. The basic question is; “what can design offer this process and what would it look like in our region?”