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Iyare Oronsaye

Engaging children of color in digital design and game industry, Cohort 3


Primary Research Area: Human-Computer Interaction, Digital Design & Communication
Secondary Domain: Engaged Social Design and Organizational Strategies

Iyare E.C. Oronsaye is a digital native with ten-plus years of experience as a senior digital artist, executive director, and educator, who specializes in virtual reality, 3D animation, and game design. He is esteemed by his ability to identify, leverage, and develop creative talent. He actively contributes to diverse viewpoints, provides opportunities for artistic growth, advocates for departmental collaboration, and fosters a culture of creative excellence.

Research Interest

Iyare has an interest in designing a fully-funded production cohort for underrepresented animators and game designers. He aims to demonstrate how inclusivity within this industry may improve ingenuity, race relations, and artistic expression.