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Anne Spafford

Therapeutic gardens for youth rehabilitation and wellness, Cohort 2


Primary Research Area: Spatial & Environmental Design

Anne received her Bachelor’s degree in Horticultural Science and her Masters of Landscape Architecture from the University of Illinois. She worked for a landscape design/build firm and the Army Corps of Engineers before launching into her teaching career. She taught in the School of Landscape Architecture at Louisiana State University then made her way to North Carolina State University where she currently teaches six landscape design courses in the Department of Horticultural Science. Her work has centered around people-plant-environments, most notably rain gardens and pollinator habitats. However, her heart has always been anchored in the environment-behavior arena.

Research Interest

Anne’s interest is piqued by the efficacy of therapeutic landscapes, and how landscapes can be tailored better for specific population groups. She is also passionate about researching landscapes that improve mental health.