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Bachelor of Art + Design Courses and Curriculum

Semester Sequence:

View the eight-semester sequence here:

Plan Requirements

ENG 101Academic Writing and Research 14
Advanced Writing3
Mathematical Science
MA 111Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry3
Design Studios
D 100Design Inquiry I: Methods and Processes 13
D 104First Year Studio I 16
D 105First Year Studio II 16
ADN 202Design Studio: Art & Design in Context 16
ADN 204Art + Design Sophomore Studio Spring 16
Sophomore Studio V-VIII 118
Design Cores
ADN 219Digital Imaging I 13
ADN 281Drawing I 13
Digital Media Elective3
Select one of the following: 13
ADN 481
Drawing II
Art History or Design History3
ADN 418Contemporary Issues in Art and Design 13
ADN 493Art and Design Senior Lecture 13
Design Advised Core9
International Experience/Advised Electives
ADN 490Art and Design International Studio 16
General Education Program (GEP) Courses
GEP Humanities6
GEP Social Sciences6
GEP Mathematical Sciences3
GEP Natural Sciences7
GEP Health and Exercise Studies2
GEP US Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion3
GEP Global Knowledge (verify requirement)
World Language Proficiency (verify requirement)
Free Electives
Free Electives (12 Hr S/U Lmt) 22
Total Hours120

A grade of C- or higher is required.


Students should consult their academic advisors to determine which courses fill this requirement.

Advanced Writing

ENG 287Explorations in Creative Writing3
ENG 288Fiction Writing3
ENG 292Writing About Film3
ENG 316Introduction to News and Article Writing3
ENG 323Writing in Rhetorical Traditions3
ENG 325Spoken and Written Traditions of American English Dialects3

Sophomore Studio V-VIII

Design Studios
ADN 460Creative Technology Studio II6
ADN 470Fibers and Surface Design Studio6
ADN 480Creative Technology Studio III:6
ADN 490Art and Design International Studio6
ADN 560Graduate Studio I: Immersive and Experimental Narratives6
ADN 570Graduate Studio III: Final Project Definition6
Swing Studios
Select a maximum of 6 units:
GD 201Design, Context, and Experience6
GD 202Designing for Settings, People, and Use6
ID 201Industrial Design Studio I 6
LAR 400Landscape Architecture Studio6

Digital Media Elective

ADN 311Art + Design Laboratory I3
ADN 319Animation I3
ADN 411Art + Design Laboratory II3
ADN 419Creative Technology Studio I3
ADN 481Drawing II3
ADN 492Special Topics in Art + Design1-3
ADN 592Graduate Art + Design Special Topics1-6
ARC 251Digital Representation3
FTM 271Computer-Aided Textile Design3
ID 110Introduction to Digital Techniques3
ID 210Intermediate Digital Techniques3
ID 310Advanced Digital Techniques3

Drawing Elective

ADN 411Art + Design Laboratory II3
ADN 481Drawing II3
ADN 492Special Topics in Art + Design1-3
ARC 251Digital Representation3
ID 216Visualization I3
ID 316Visualization II3

Art History or Design History Elective

ADN 475Pre-Industrial World Textiles3
ADN 492Special Topics in Art + Design1-3
ADN 575Pre-Industrial World Textiles3
ARC 242History of Western Architecture3
GD 203History of Graphic Design3
HA 201History of Art from Caves to the Renaissance3
HA 202History of Art From the Renaissance Through the 20th Century3
HA 298Special Topics in Art History3
ID 244History of Industrial Design3
LAR 444History of Landscape Architecture3

Design Advised Core

ADN 224Digital Motion3
ADN 226Sequential Imaging3
ADN 272Introduction to Printing and Surface Design3
ADN 273Fibers Materials and Processes3
ADN 276Soft Construction I: Sewing3
ADN 319Animation I3
ADN 414Color and Light3
ADN 423Digital Modeling3
ADN 480Creative Technology Studio III:6