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COVID-19 Resources for Students

As we continue to monitor the evolving situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), please continue to check for the most up-to-date information. Please utilize the below list of resources as you plan for the coming weeks.

Important Updates:

  • The College of Design is closed to everyone except for a very short list of mandatory employees. The College of Design has been closed to students since 5:00 pm on Sunday, March 22. Students will be able to access studios to clean out their spaces between May 9-15 by requesting a time slot
  • New to Zoom? Watch this helpful webinar.

College of Design Communications to Students

FAQs for Students

For first-line information, remember to check the university’s Coronavirus response page.


The College of Design has a controlled access system for studio clean-out. We have developed a plan to allow you to return to campus on May 9-15. You will also need to return any tools, equipment, books, etc. you have borrowed from the Materials Labs, Bayley IT Lab, Design Library, or departments when you come back for clean-out unless you have made other arrangements. You cannot just show up at any time to get your belongings. In order to schedule students in time slots to safely clean out their belongings from studios, we have developed a questionnaire. In the questionnaire, you will see detailed information about the process. Please read that information completely. Once you have completed the questionnaire, we will reply with your assigned time slot and personalized instructions. Keep an eye on your email over the next few days. Please complete the questionnaire even if you have already cleaned out your belongings. Those of you who have already cleaned out will only have to answer a few questions. Click here to request a time slot or let us know you’ve already gotten your belongings. 

No doors should be propped open ever. It’s a security problem and a fire code violation.


Yes. As of March 17, the Chancellor has requested that all nonmandatory employees work remotely and that all instruction be completed online. Students have been asked to vacate housing, as residential facilities closed on March 22.

The university will remain open with minimal on-campus operations, which includes limiting students on campus, moving fully to online courses, requiring remote or alternative work arrangements for the majority of employees, and closing or significantly limiting core services and facilities. Please check for the most up-to-date information.

For the most up-to-date information about the libraries, visit this page: Library facilities, including the Hill Library, will no longer be open to walk-in use. The Libraries’ expanded online collections and services remain available.

Further updates will be posted to their social media accounts and on the Libraries’ Coronavirus Response page. If you don’t already, you can follow @ncsulibraries on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Please check with the Office of International Services for updates:

If you need housing: Students who have no other housing option must complete a Special Circumstance Housing Request Form by Thursday, March 19 at Noon. Being an international student qualifies you to apply for this special circumstance.

Effective immediately and throughout the remainder of the spring semester, NC State students who occupy university housing are instructed to remain at or return to their permanent off-campus residences, unless granted an exception. Residential facilities remained open until 5 p.m. Sunday, March 22. You do not have to move all of your belongings out immediately.

Students who have no other housing option must complete a Special Circumstance Housing Request Form by Thursday, March 19 at Noon. One of the following criteria must be met in order to remain in on-campus housing:

  1. International students
  2. Those experiencing housing insecurity, or
  3. Those with personal extenuating circumstances

The NC State Counseling Center has a diverse staff who are trained to address academic, emotional and social concerns that are common to college students and may impact overall well-being.

Contact them at 919-515-2423 or visit the website at

Also remember that although you are physically isolated, you are not necessarily alone. Continue to reach out to friends, peers, and professors as needed.

As of March 23, the Chancellor has postponed commencement.

The University Tutorial Center (UTC) will provide online writing supporttutoring, and SI sessions beginning Monday 3/23. Orientation and application processes have been waived for the remainder of the semester.

Please visit for further information. All of our program pages have been updated with directions for accessing online support.

In addition, any student can email or call (919) 515-3163 during business hours to schedule an online appointment with a staff member to develop a personal plan for learning online.

College of Design:

Please contact your supervisor to arrange an alternative work plan.

Please contact your department head. They will work with you to determine next steps.

No. The college will work with you to ensure that you continue to receive your funding. However, please be in contact with your supervisor/manager to make sure that you can complete any remote work needed.

You are encouraged to continue applying to jobs or internships as usual. AIGA is offering a virtual portfolio review – please check for more info.

Classes or Programs:

An enhanced Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grading option will be available to students for Spring 2020 for all undergraduate and graduate courses. We advise you to continue with your current grading basis until you have time to assess your comfort with the new online course delivery.

For more info and FAQs, please visit the Student Services Center website.

Here are some important, key points to keep in mind about the new S/U grading option for students:

  • The grading option can be applied to all graduate and undergraduate courses
  • The S/U grade will not carry grade points and will not impact your cumulative GPA
  • A grade of S will be assigned by the course instructor when the work is judged to be of C-quality or better
  • A grade of S will fulfill degree requirements, C-wall requirements, CODA requirements, prerequisites for future courses at NC State, and will not count toward the allowable limit of S/U course completions
  • A grade of U will not earn credit and will not affect a student’s GPA, though it will be used in Satisfactory Academic Progress calculations at the end of the term
  • Students will have the option of switching to this S/U grading basis until May 8th, which is after the Spring 2020 semester has ended and most grades have been submitted. We suggest that students consult with their academic advisor(s) and/or instructor(s) before making this change, as it cannot be reversed.

On April 6, an online late drop request will be available for students who are unable to continue in a particular course. While this is not a preferred option, we realize circumstances might make it difficult to continue enrollment in a course. This online request will be available to students through the last day of the semester, April 24.

Please visit the Student Services Center website for more information. 

Here are some important, key points to keep in mind about the new late drop options for students:

  • The late drop option is available to all students
  • It is important to consult with the instructor and your advisor before dropping any course
  • The drop is not automatic and will go through an approval process before being finalized
  • W grades will be assigned, but will not ultimately count toward the 16-hour maximum for undergraduate students

For the remainder of the semester and for summer sessions 1 and 2, all NC State courses will be completed online. There will be no face-to-face class, laboratory or other instruction for the rest of this semester or throughout the summer. Students are instructed to remain off-campus and complete their courses online.

Students, we know you can be successful and we are here to support in every way possible.  You will be hearing directly from your professors this week about your classes and their transition to online learning. We understand that this is likely a stressful time for you. Please be patient and know that we will be adjusting some course policies, such as schedule revisions, so that you can make any needed changes to your courses once you have talked with your professors in more detail. We will provide additional information on policy updates as soon as possible.

This is a fluid situation, and we are working hard to find the best ways to help you complete your semester or degree. We will do everything we can to assure you can complete your courses successfully and graduate on time.

If you feel that you have contracted COVID-19, please visit

Please be in contact with your professors and your department head to determine the next course of action for your coursework.

If your study abroad plans were interrupted due to the coronavirus, the College of Design leadership is lobbying strongly on your behalf to have reimbursements handled. Currently, the decision is up to the Chancellor and Provost, but the Dean and Associate Dean are advocating for you in their meetings with peers.

Study Abroad for summer has been canceled according to their website:

Summer courses at NC State have been moved online according to a memo sent by the Chancellor on March 31, 2020.


As we try to figure out the best way to ensure that all students have access to course materials should they find that their classes have been moved online due to actions necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we’ve found that a few of the largest cellular and internet service providers in the U.S. are offering free Wi-Fi/internet access or cellular service for a limited amount of time through the Keep Americans Connected Pledge, agreeing for the next 60 days to:

  • Not terminate service to any residential or small business customers because of their inability to pay their bills due to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic;
  • Waive any late fees that any residential or small business customers incur because of their economic circumstances related to the coronavirus pandemic;
  • Open its Wi-Fi hotspots to any American who needs them.


Masters/doctoral defenses will have to be conducted online. No waiver is necessary, just signatures on the paperwork saying this student has passed. It is not necessary to have all of the signatures on the same page.

FREE ACCESS TO SOFTWARE: Autodesk has granted access to our tools to students and educators for the past five years with no charge. This remains unchanged. Please visit to get started today.

FREE CONTENT & CURRICULUM: We have packaged content for educators to support distance learning efforts and self-paced training for students. Visit to find resources.

KeyShot, in responding to the COVID-19 spread, is offering free temp license to our students. We have acquired the codes for our students. Please email Katherine Klinger and let her know that you need the code, she will send you a code and the instructions through email. Keyshot has “off-line” rendering capabilities to reduce the load on your PC.

Solidworks Visualize is similar to KeyShot and is built into Solidworks as an add-in.

PhotoStudio 360 also offers good results.

Blender or Evee Render Engine is a very low load for good results if you understand material node workflow.


The best thing you can do at this time is to stay home and stay isolated to flatten the curve of this pandemic. Please see one perspective from as well as an article about flattening the curve by the New York Times.

On Instagram: post your cool work or your studio space with the hashtag #ncstatecreatives.

Email our social media specialist, Max Cohen ( with work samples and a description to be posted to CoD’s social media channels.