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NC State Creatives - Daniel Stott

Sep 23, 2021

NC State Creatives: Daniel Stott

To Daniel, industrial design can be a tool to give a new purpose to an old idea. Now, he's using his skills to design products that help us adopt healthier, more sustainable and environmentally-friendly lives. 

feature image for Molly Nunes NC State Creatives

Sep 13, 2021

NC State Creatives: Molly Nunes

Molly Nunes believes that by building an athlete‚Äôs brand through design-heavy tools such as apparel, music and art, women in the sports industry can find a new level of prosperity after their active careers. 

Sara Fisher thumbnail

Sep 13, 2020

NC State Creatives: Sara Fisher

To Sara, the gaming world is more than just a space for entertainment - it's a space for empathy and connection. Using VR and motion-sensing software, Sara's work aims to bring feelings of curiosity, exploration and compassion to interactive design. 

annie mcdonald thumbnail

Sep 13, 2020

NC State Creatives: Annie McDonald

Industrial design is about the user, and Annie is taking advantage of every tool at her disposal to create solutions everywhere she can. Whether it's VR training for medical staff or product development for accessible travel, Annie wants to make a huge impact wherever she goes. 

Sep 13, 2020

NC State Creatives: Yash Shah

Great architecture serves a purpose. For Yash Shah, that purpose is to promote mediation, collaboration and representation between social groups. 

darrien bailey thumbnail

Feb 24, 2020

NC State Creatives: Darrien Bailey

Design is about telling great stories. Darrien is using his passion for history to bring people into those stories through graphic novels and exhibit design. 

Genevieve Gholizadeh thumbnail

Feb 18, 2020

NC State Creatives: Genevieve Gholizadeh

Genevieve is pursuing her Master's in Industrial Design and is passionate about doing two things: reducing waste in the apparel industry, and making a mean pair of sneakers.