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Design Identities

Tim Allen

Mar 1, 2021

Design Identities: Tim Allen

Tim Allen was named one of Fast Company's most creative people in business for 2017. He leads the global product design team at Airbnb, centered on design and inclusivity. His focus on fueling human potential is key to building products and cultures that inspire people to do their best work.

Edwin Harris Headshot

Feb 22, 2021

Design Identities: Edwin Harris

Co-founder of EVOKE Studio Architecture, Edwin Harris believes that remarkable architecture enhances the lives of its occupants. For over a decade, he has consistently generated exciting designs that are decisive, focused, and rooted in clear objectives and novel concepts.

Charles Harbison

Feb 15, 2021

Design Identities: Charles Harbison

“I walked into this university thinking I would be an architect, and then I got in my first semester and fell in love with fabric manipulation,” says Charles Harbison, Art + Design graduate and founder and creative director of HARBISON. From there, he fell in love with fiber arts, tapestry, weaving, and textiles from around the world, and decided to switch to Art + Design and Textiles with the intent of pursuing fashion design in New York.

Renee Seward Headshot

Feb 8, 2021

Design Identities: Renee Seward

Renee is an Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of the Communication Design program at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. She is a graduate of the Graphic Design program at the University of Cincinnati in 2002 and received her Master’s from North Carolina State in 2008.

Breeze Outlaw

Feb 1, 2021

Design Identities: Breeze Outlaw

Breeze is a landscape designer interested in addressing the perceptual and physical interpretations of equitable and just access to public spaces. In zir work, zie explores frameworks of resilient sociocultural equity through futurism, cultural expressions, and natural systems.