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Masonry Students Compete for Sigmon Memorial Scholarship

Sigmon Memorial Scholarship Competition 2019

Students in ARC 432, Architectural Construction Systems, recently showcased their work as part of a juried competition for the Sigmon Memorial Scholarship. This year marked the 18th year of the Sigmon Memorial Scholarship Competition and Award presentation sponsored by the North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association (NCMCA). Since 2001, NCMCA has worked in partnership with Distinguished Professor of Architecture Pat Rand, FAIA, DPACSA, and his ARC 432 Architectural Construction Systems course. The Sigmon Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Randy, David, and Dwayne Sigmon. Major funding for this scholarship comes from the proceeds of the Annual NCMCA Golf Tournament.

ARC 432 | Sigmon Memorial Scholarship

Students shared their work with industry professionals serving as jurors. This year’s jurors included Doug Burton, President of Whitman Masonry, and Jason Miller, Assoc. Professor and Director of the Building Science program at Appalachian State University.

Winning Teams

Four teams of four students were recognized:


1st place:

Maggie Holroyd, Hope Bray, Drew Tiedeman and Ben Coleman

Prize: Winners share one semester’s in-state tuition


2nd place:

Carmina Ferreras, Rotimi Osiberu, Mark Storch and Caroline Mikulski

Prize: Each student received a four-foot Crick level


3rd place:

Alexia Bazinet-Dallaire, Marissa Mondin, Courtney Cox and Jen Hocke

Prize: Each student received a mason’s trowel


4th place:

Lin Whipkey, Caila Bridges, Michael Yaffe and Abigail Uhrich

Prize: Each student received a six-foot mason’s rule

Past NC State College of Design Sigmon Memorial Scholarship Award Winners

  • 2001: Daniel Moskop, Dimitri Gudgennov, and Robert Allen
  • 2002: Edwin Harris, George Kroustalis, and Russel Williams
  • 2003: Will DeWitt, David Lehman, and David Moses
  • 2004: Emily Schneider, Courtney Sowa, and Nicholas Wade
  • 2005: Allison Laney, Emily Lewis, and William Daniel Hill
  • 2006: Benjamin Chappel, James Hamby, and Justin LeBlanc
  • 2007: Albert McDonald, Kimberly Nelson, and Karl Rogers
  • 2008: David Skoog, Michael Gron, and Corey Baugham
  • 2009: Erika Jelleys, Rebecca Hora, and Ana Milliones
  • 2010: Shaan Hassan, Jayne Goethe, and Jeremy Leonard
  • 2011: Meredith Grantham, Chase Hoke, Andy Park, and Kristin Veloza
  • 2012: David Gallo, Marty Needham, Ryan Whitley, and Matthew Hirsch
  • 2013: Enzo Yi-Chang Liao, Nicole Peterson, Lydia Watt, and Michael Wengenroth
  • 2014: Sarah Dunsford, Paola Gonzalez, and Elijah Swinson
  • 2015: Maggie Allen, Jujie Cu, Emily Schulte, Gillian Scott
  • 2016: Nicole Adam, Emily Doyle, Samantha Lackey, and Nick Rossitch
  • 2017: Cassidy Putnam, Clint Ronsick, Brooke Grayson, and Nickolas Lash
  • 2018: Meredith Layman, Matthew Bullard, and Abby Bagwell