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Leading by Design

At the College of Design, we have worked alongside our partners to explore solutions to any challenge – using design as a force for good and seeing problems as opportunities for change in our communities. As we celebrate 2023, we are reflecting on our support for the past 75 years, and exploring what propels us and drives us for the next 75.

Celebrating our Milestones

Our partners have helped the College of Design make an impact here in North Carolina and around the world, and helped our graduates learn how to find truth through making, solve for complexity through engagement and lead – by design.

Throughout 2023, we will celebrate and recognize the impact that the College of Design has on NC State and beyond.

Join us for a year-long series of events, lectures, maker days, alumni gatherings, and more – as we look back on the past 75 years and think forward to the next 75. You are invited to come together with our community to recognize all we have done and envision all that we can yet do to make a difference in the world.

Come Visit Us!

We’re hosting a variety of events throughout 2023 – browse which events interest you, and make a plan to attend. 

Share Your Story

In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the College of Design, we’re collecting the memories and ideas that have made this place special since 1948.

Explore our History

See a few pivotal moments from the College of Design’s 75-year history.

Calendar of Events

We won’t just be throwing one big party and calling it quits. We are working on a robust series of activities, including community service projects throughout Raleigh and North Carolina, lectures, exhibitions, digital interactive experiences, maker and family days – and maybe a party or two.

  • Back to School BBQ

    Join us in the pit to celebrate the start of the semester with good BBQ (and vegetarian options) and mingle with current students and faculty.

  • Exhibition at the Gregg Museum of Art & Design

    The College of Design is partnering with the Gregg Museum of Art & Design on a tangible artifacts exhibition of works from the collections of the Gregg and NC State Libraries Special Collections for fall 2023.

  • Exhibition with NC State Libraries

    The College of Design is partnering with NC State Libraries Special Collections on an exhibition for fall 2023.

  • Red and White Week and Family Day

    Connect with former classmates and favorite faculty, meet students and enjoy family-friendly, hands-on activities.

Share your 7 and 5

We’re asking you to be co-creators of the visual identity for our 75th year – feel free to email with your own version of a 7 or a 5, and we will add it to our collection.