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Awards and Recognition 2019-2020

Our faculty, staff, and students are recognized nationally and internationally for their work. See some highlights from our 2019-2020 year.

Student Success

Efforts continue to heighten student success by fostering student recognition through participation in national and international design competitions (awards), publishing articles, and disseminating work in exhibitions. Examples of awarded efforts include:


  • Sarveswaran Subambedu Ponneeswaran was part of a winning team for the Project Precast Competition, held by the PCI Foundation.
  • A graduate design studio was awarded the prestigious 2019 Studio Prize by ARCHITECT Magazine. Students envisioned micro-house villages for homeless and disabled veterans in NC, and the project was funded by the NC Coalition to End Homelessness.
  • Caroline Cox and Austin Corriher were recently named finalists in Azure Magazine’s A+ Student Award Competition for their design of KEF International Airport. 

Art + Design:

  • Nakyrah Radley was chosen for the NCSU Miller Fellowship for 2020.
  • Katie Brooks was invited to share her paintings on behalf of NC State University at the 2020 ACC Meeting of the Minds in Chapel Hill.

Graphic Design:

  • Kennedy Liggett and Joseph Rogers were featured as part of GDUSA’s “Students to Watch” list.

Industrial Design:

  • Annie McDonald won the IDSA South District 2020 Student Merit Award. 
  • Joseph Timp’s design was selected as one of the Top 8 in the Functional Apparel Category of the World Sneaker Championship. 
  • Terry Lam won the silver prize in the 2019 Taiwan International Student Design Competition.
  • Joachim Gawryolek received a small grant from the Awesome Foundation to fabricate a full-scale prototype of his thesis work. It was installed during the SPARKcon festival. 

Landscape Architecture:

  • Rebecca Asser was chosen as a 2020-2021 Global Change Fellow by the Southeast Climate Adaptation Center. 
  • Madalyn Baldwin won the Anova Furnishings Grant Competition.
  • Madalyn Baldwin was selected as one of three Olmsted Scholar national semi-finalists.

Ph.D. in Design:

  • Renae Mantooth won the Gretchen Laatsch Grant and Scholarship from ACUI. Renae was also elected to serve in the EDRA  Board of Directors as a student representative during the August 2019-August 2020 term. 
  • Yanhua Lu presented her paper titled “How Pedestrian Wayfinding Contributes to the Smart Growth in Legacy Cities: Lessons Learned from Springfield, MA” at the 4th International 2019 IIT-ARCC Symposium.
  • Liz Wardzinski was awarded the Dumbarton Oaks Junior Fellowship in Urban Landscape Studies.
  • Renae Mantooth and her advisor Dr. Celen Pasalar presented their paper, “Spatial Configuration and Informal Learning-Related Behaviors in the University Student Union: A Comparative Case Study of Two Multi-Use Learning Environments in Higher Education”, virtually at the annual meeting of EDRA.
  • Byungsoo Kim and Hongyang Liu and their advisor Sharon Joines’ paper, “A wearable intervention for laptop users,” was presented and published at the 63rd Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual (HFES) Meeting. This paper won the 2019 Product Design Technical Group Student paper award; Kim was invited to address the Product Design Technical Group at HFES about his experience in the emerging, interdisciplinary field of Design Research. 
  • Byungsoo Kim has accepted a tenure track position as an Assistant Professor of Industrial Design from Kansas State University to begin in August 2020.

Doctor of Design:

  • Carla Delcambre was awarded a 2019 grant from the NC State Sustainability Fund ($46K) with Emily McCoy and a 2019 NC State DELTA Grant Showcase for her dissertation research on educational innovation: Virtual Reality in Landscape Architecture Construction.
  • Jonathan Williams has been promoted from the role of Curriculum Manager to Director of Curriculum Development at 2U Inc (, a role that oversees the design, development, and maintenance of an innovative education product line that produces about $50 mil. in annual revenue. 
  • Liz McCormick submitted an abstract on a case study completed in DDN 741 to the ACSA Forum. Liz was also recognized as an advisor for two AIA National Student Award winners. 
  • Herb Peterson received a grant from the Lilly Foundation ($1.2 mil.) in partnership with the Kern Foundation to design and build the Imaginarium Project (3-yr project) with two colleagues. In a related spin-off project, Herb and his colleagues began Discipleship by Design, a new not-for-profit using social innovation methods to create change for families across the United States.
  • Justin Johnson accepted a tenure track position in the Art + Design Department at the College of Design to begin in August 2020. He submitted conference abstracts to the 2020 Digital Humanities Collaborative Institute and the East Coast Game Conference (canceled due to Covid). Also, he submitted a paper ‘Encouraging Exploration: Mysterious Landscape of Breath of the Wild,’ to The International Journal of Game Studies. 
  • Anne Spafford was invited to the Mississippi State University School of Landscape Architecture’s Design Week as the featured practicing scholar. She was also an invited speaker for the 74th Annual Garden Symposium and her publications include *Carley, D. S. and Spafford, A. Pollinator Gardening in the South: Creating Sustainable Habitats (in-press, UNC Press, Chapel Hill, forthcoming winter 2021).

Faculty Teaching Excellence

  • Place, Wayne [ARC], Alexander Quarles Holladay Medal for Excellence, NC State, 2020.
  • Pasalar, Celen [LAR], CELA, Excellence in Service Learning, Junior category, 2020.
  • Khachatoorian, Haig [ID], Fulbright U.S. Student Program and National Screening Committee for Design, three-year term. 
  • Boone, Kofi [LAR], Design Intelligence, “Most Admired Educators,” 2019.
  • Fox, Andrew [LAR], appointed to the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Council of Fellows. 
  • Schaffer, Kristen [ARC], Outstanding Teacher Award, NC State University, 2020.
  • Armstrong, Helen [GD], Outstanding Engagement Award, NC State University, 2020.
  • Littlejohn, Deborah [GD], Gertrude Cox Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching and Learning with Technology, NC State University, 2020. 
  • Delcambre, Carla [LAR] and Turner, Jesse, Sir Walter Raleigh Award, Community Appearance, Landscape Design, 2019. 
  • Rider, Traci Rose [ARC], Sustainability Award, Innovation and Impact, NC State University, 2020.

Faculty Research and Design Excellence

  • Smith, Gavin [LAR], Outstanding Research Award, NC State Alumni Association, 2020.
  • Elvin, George [ARC], runner-up, Envisioning Research Contest, Graphic and Data Visualization. 
  • Ham, Derek [GD], University Faculty Scholar, 2020.
  • Armstrong, Helen [GD], Triangle Business Journal, featured for work with AIGA. 
  • Magallanes, Fernando [LAR], honorary doctorate, Universidad de Aquino Bolivia, July 2019.
  • Fox, Andrew; Boone, Kofi; Klondike, Travis; Layton, Robby; Penbrooke, Teresa; Jones, Ben; ASLA Southeast Regional Award, Analysis and Planning, “Lumberton Floodprint,” 2019. 
  • Fox, Andrew; Klondike, Travis; Naylor, Lindsey; ASLA Southeast Regional Award, Research, “Urban Water Rx,” 2019. 
  • Fox, Andrew; Boone, Kofi; Klondike, Travis; Naylor, Lindsey; ASLA Southeast Regional Merit Award, Analysis and Planning, “Greater Princeville,” 2019.
  • McCoy, Emily; Monette, Ben; Raleigh Andropogon Associates, ASLA Southeast Regional Award, Analysis and Planning, “Thadon School Master Plan in Arkansas,” 2019.
  • Luker, Kenneth, Kamphoefner Prize, American Institute of Architects and North Carolina Architectural Foundation.
  • Kranbuehl, Don and Lewis, Erin Sterling, fellows of the American Institute of Architects, 2020. 
  • Pierson, Douglas, AIA Central Kentucky Design Award, 2019.