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Student Experience

Students showcase work in ASIFA-Hollywood Educators Forum

Still from project video

In spring 2022 the Department of Art+Design launched a Senior Capstone Animation Studio. In the studio, students worked individually and in groups on a year-long project to complete an animated film.

The films ranged in form from hybrid 3D animation to traditional 2D animation and in length from 4 to 7 minutes. The films were screened as part of the ASIFA Hollywood-sponsored 2022 Student Animation Showcase with other animation programs from around the country. To see the films from NC State and others you can visit:

Student projects are displayed below.

A New Cycle

Allison Gutierrez, Bachelor of Art + Design ’22

The People Who Used to Live Here

Jane Linville, Bachelor of Art + Design ’22

Sunk Cost

Anna Hart, Bachelor of Art + Design ’22

Magic Girl

Kaylynn Crowder, Bachelor of Art + Design ’22


Ziyue Peng, Bachelor of Art + Design ’22

Arc9 Pies

Anna Lee, Bachelor of Art + Design ’21