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Congratulations, Class of 2022!

Molly Nunes

RJ Washington [Art + Design ‘22]

RJ Washington

“I’ve spent a lot of time wondering where life was going to lead me, and choosing the College of Design felt like a definitive right step. My amazing studio classes and teachers have given me a wellspring of knowledge that I am going to carry with me always.

Most importantly, the friends I’ve made along the way are definitely the best thing about this experience. I’ve built an amazing network and support system, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. A huge shoutout to Gudio, you know who you are! <3”

Molly Nunes [MGD ‘22]

Molly Nunes

“Going through the @ncstate_mgd program has been both rewarding and challenging. I have grown as a designer and a person and I am forever grateful for all of the learning experiences.

It is truly bitter-sweet closing this chapter in my life. Through this program, I have met great mentors, peers, designers, and friends. A huge shoutout to my cohort, without you all I would not be where I am today. I am so glad I took the leap to move to North Carolina and have an experience of a lifetime. NCState will always have a special place in my heart.”

Miranda Green [Design Studies ’22]

Miranda Green

“My favorite memory at the College of Design was participating as a designer in the 2022 Art2Wear runway!

The work that I was able to produce over the course of a year both surprised and inspired me, and also all of the great experiences I had with my fellow designers, who I now consider as close friends, are all memories that I will never forget!

I hope to participate in Art2Wear again in the future as I will be pursuing my Master in Art + Design here at NC State in the fall!”

Sohyun “Soya” Kim [B.Arch. ’22]

Soya Kim

“The most enjoyable and difficult moment I remember while studying architecture was when I stayed up all night preparing for a review with my studio friends.

We were close to each other during the moments, and we spanned almost 20 hours a day. We were encouraging and leading each other, and also we were eating and chatting together. When I look back on my five years of journey at the studio, the moments where I thought I was very discouraged and frustrated were actually the most shining day of mine. The studio is always up and on 24/7. The studio lighted up those days for 5 years like moonlight in the night.

Five years of NC State made a big turning point in my life.

It had new programs that I could experience and met new people that I could make social with people who have various communication with many topics, so it became a steppingstone of the opportunity the experience abundantly and develop my future carrier and my future about the architecture.

After I graduate, I will develop my career further by training in architecture, which is the beginning of my life as a newcomer to society. I am about to marry my loved one, a new beginning that will come soon.

I am so thankful to my beloved parents, my sister Jane, my husband Young, my precious friend Leah and Sky. Also, Ashely helped me finish school well by having Chipotle time, and studio mates who spent the time with the studio stayed over each night. I realized that there were many people I was thankful for until graduation day.”

Ariel Hills [B.Arch. ‘22]

Ariel Hills

“Being in the architecture program at State has been the most challenging thing I’ve probably ever done, but I really have learned and grown so so much from it. I remember being in first year not having a clue what I was in for, but each semester pushed me more than the last. Looking back my confidence grew so much between those late nights staying up in studio, making huge models, and designing beautiful presentations. My favorite memories have to be with my studio mates. I’ve watched them grow side by side with me and go from strangers to friends over these past five years. They all have taught me so much. Also football games. Football games are the best haha. Go Pack!

A lesson I have learned would be to give yourself grace and patience. Going through this program normally is hard and challenging anyway, but when you throw in a pandemic and other personal matters that can get in the way, it can be even more difficult to make everything perfect and reach that deadline. If I could tell myself one thing first year, or second year it would be to do what you can on your project but give yourself some time away. Make time for some day-trips, to go to football games, enjoy your friends. Not every project has to be perfect. If it’s the best you can do while giving yourself some patience and grace, it’s a win.

If I were to name everyone who’s helped me along the way the list would be too long. To start, I’m lucky I was able to find my niche in what kind of architecture I want to design through Bryan Bell’s public interest design classes. Because of his classes and studio, I have a sense of direction. My family also helped me stay the path. When it got hard they were behind me every step shoving me forward. Finally, I am beyond lucky to have found so many wonderful people here, friends, great teachers, and I’ve been lucky to have found my beautiful partner here as well, who has always cheered me on. I will continue to look at State fondly for bringing these beautiful people and experiences into my life. I’ll miss NC State immensely.”

This post was originally published in College of Design Blog.