Mission: Accomplished!

This past week marked the completion of the Design+Build project at Artists’ Backyard Phase III.  The presentation and ribbon cutting ceremony was bittersweet.  It celebrated the accomplishment of the project, but marked the end of my time with the Design+Build team.  Looking back, I am proud at what my teammates and I were able to accomplish together as a group in only a few months.  What initially was an idea has now become a reality.  I am grateful for the concept to construction experience Read more [...]

Hit the ground. Running.

Hit the ground. Running. I’m back in action and got lots of grading done by hand this week.  The soil was picked, shoveled, raked and removed.  Robert really helped out with machinery that tilled and scrapped the soil, which made the soil a lot easier to move around. Planting Day was on Saturday.  All hands were on deck to get the plants into the ground, build the stream conveyance system, and mulch the all phases of ABY.  It was hard work, and all participants were able to rejoice in Read more [...]

Lets get those boots dirty

The fun has finally begun- site work. Work at the site begins during the 8th week of classes. Armed with a shovel in one hand and a water bottle in the other, I was ready to break ground and dirty my brand new construction boots. We began our site work by digging up all the existing planting from the site area, putting them into pots and transporting them to be temporarily stored in the University green house. This is a completely new experience for me- holding a shovel, digging into the soil, pulling Read more [...]

Cut, Drill, Weld…..

Its the 14th week of the semester and the third week in the shop and I cant wait for the panels to be ready and sent out to the powder coaters. Sometimes I wonder how much easier life would have been for myself and the rest of the shop people if we would have gone for a straightforward green screen design rather than this complicated mesh of cables. These screens are also turning out to the most expensive component of the design build project. And I am sure, I will not have a single night of peaceful Read more [...]

Time to get building

It is the 12th week of the semester. The stone and the steel is here- time to get building. As the action moved to Artist’s backyard, it was time to divide up the team to expedite work. While one part of the class sweated it out in the site matching stone to stone raising the stone walls, the other team got greasy at the shop fabricating steel for the green screens. Learning how to operate the machines, ensuring the steel was cut as accurate to 1/8th of an inch demanded a lot of concentration. A Read more [...]