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Fashion and Textiles Program Update for 2019-2020

We apologize for the miscommunication regarding the ADN 470 studio next fall semester. That confusion created a number of other concerns and fears. The following is a summary to provide clarity:

  • A fibers and textiles studio* will be available in the Fall 2019 semester;
  • We are in the planning stages right now for Art2Wear (A2W) 2020;
  • We held an end of year convocation to encourage more dialogue between students and faculty.
  • Offerings in Fibers for Fall 2019 include: ADN 273 – Fibers, Materials, and Processes; ADN 276 – Soft Construction I: Sewing; ADN 371 – Soft Construction II (instructor: Adrienne McKenzie); ADN 470 – Fiber DN Studio (instructor: Precious Lovell);
  • Dana Raymond will be offering ADN 386: Basic Sculpture online;
  • Sally Van Gorder will be offering ADN 414: Color and Light online;