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Faculty and Staff Nominations and Awards 2018

2018 Faculty and Staff Excellence Awards

Faculty and Staff Nominations and Awards 2018

Congratulations to all of our hard-working faculty and staff who were nominated for and won excellence awards this year! In addition, congratulations to Tania Allen and Russell Flinchum, who were awarded tenure beginning August 16, 2018!


EHRA/SHRA Employee Excellence Awards


Robert Watson (recipient)

Tih-Yuan Wang

Sarah Brewer

Nikki Evans

Monique Delage


Jonas McCoy (recipient)

James Dean

Kathleen Monroe Fenner

Felicia Womack


Alumni Association Outstanding Research Award

Pat Rand


Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor Award (recipient)

Sara Queen


Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate Professorship Award (nominees)

Kofi Boone (nominee)

Andy Fox (nominee)


Gertrude Cox Award

NLI faculty and staff (recipients: Robin Moore, Nilda Cosco, Montazar Monsur)

Helen Armstrong (recipient)

Derek Ham (nominee)

Carla Delcambre (nominee)


Outstanding Teacher Award

Tim Buie (recipient)


University Faculty Scholar

Marc Russo (recipient)

Helen Armstrong (recipient)


Holladay Medal for Excellence

Wayne Place (nominee)


Outstanding Extension Service Award

Bryan Bell (recipient; also admitted into the Academy of Outstanding Faculty Engaged in Extension)

Derek Ham (nominee)