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Design Students Recognized at 2017 Graduate Research Symposium

Design_Research Symposium Winners

Three graduate students from the College of Design were recognized for their research projects at the University’s 12th Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium held at the McKimmon Center on Wednesday, March 22nd. More than 200 participants presented their projects at the event, which is supported by the Graduate School and Graduate Student Association. Judges from each college evaluated students on the quality of their research, the information presented, communication skills, and aesthetics. Winners received a plaque and a financial prize.

From the College of Design:

First Place: Nancy Bekhelman, Industrial Design

Project Title: Companion: Adoption matching for strong life-long bonds between pet and owner

Advisors: Committee Chair: Carolina Gill (ID); Member: Dr. Sharon Joines (ID)







Second Place: John Cochran, Industrial Design

Project Title: Slow Design, Smartphones, and Sleep: A Product Intervention to Reduce Screen-time Before Bedtime

Advisors: Committee Chair: Bryan Laffitte (ID); Members: Helen Armstrong (GD) + Dr. Dough Gillan (PSY)








Third Place: April Maclaga, Graphic Design

Project Title: Prompting In-Person Conversation Toward Empathy: Interaction Design in a Networked Environment

Advisors: Committee Chair: Denise Gonzales Crisp (GD); Members: Helen Armstrong (GD), and Deborah Littlejohn, PhD (GD)





Research Posters: