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of or relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces and energy associated therewith; active, lively, dynamic

A Note from the Directors

We are so excited to present Art2Wear 2023: Kinetic. With the College of Design’s 75th birthday, we wanted to find a theme that felt representative of our college and Art2Wear’s rich history. We started with a long list of foundational design terms like “balance”, “expand”, and “tectonic”, but “Kinetic” felt the most apt for a year filled with so much to celebrate. As a society, university, organization, and even as individuals, we are experiencing a change. As departments adapt and as Art2Wear is pushed to reach new heights, we both believe it is pivotal time for us to embrace the unknown, even when it can be scary. Kinetic above all else implies the potential to succeed, so as we move away from what we were, we can learn to embrace the new and unknown. In line with this kinetic change, we’ve asked our designers to celebrate motion and life and to step out of their comfort zones with us.

Thank you all for pouring your hearts into this labor of love! A2W is only possible with the hard work of our incredibly talented designers, faculty, student members, and of course our audience.

With Love,
Emma Anderson (MADTech) & Megan Brown (GXD)

Student Directors Megan Brown and Emma Anderson
Megan Brown (Left) and Emma Anderson (Right)

Meet the 2023 Designers

Grace Boros
Grace Boros

Mellow Drama by Grace Boros

MADTech with a Fibers & Soft Construction Concentration

Sneak Peak Video Coming Soon

Mellow Drama is a theatrical representation of the kinetic nature of emotions and mood. It is a reminder that emotions are not static and are continuously shifting. The theme, Kinetic, is represented through energetic colors, flowing lines, and mechanically moving pieces. My goal is to promote a whimsical and happy mood, however, one cannot feel only happiness. One must also experience sadness, anger, fear, and discontent in order to experience happiness to the fullest potential. Represented by the large structural features, some emotions are awkward and unavoidable, but must be acknowledged and given attention. The sheer top I’ve created represents how being transparent with oneself and acknowledging emotions can allow you to release and pass emotions. This need for liberation is especially needed for negative emotions, which can feel constricting and suffocating. My hope is that my audience will come to see that emotional regulation, the ability to control one’s emotional state, is easy to obtain as long as one allows emotions to flow freely without judgment.

WIRED by Rachel Gore

Media Arts, Design and Technology

WIRED is my imagination of an ideal future. Each of my characters has something about them that makes them unique, like a bionic arm, but they also have their own unique sense of style and identity. Their body modifications elevate the human form and improve upon years of evolution, while still maintaining a unique sense of style and personality. In the future, I hope that we are all able to have this hyper individuality while also being united. Through the show’s theme, Kinetic, I further developed my collection by creating pieces that physically flow and connect to the human form.

Bambina by Priscilla Martinez

Fashion Design

Peru is a country filled with rich history. Throughout my childhood, I have been taught on how each region embodied nature as physical forces that could change their life. From worshiping the sun to having a high respect for animals, Peruvian Incas were the high peak of modern influence in clothing. I used to daydream in history class on how traditional Peruvians would represent and make clothing according to their region. In my collection, Bambina, I want to demonstrate the different regions of Peru in how they would look through my eyes if it was reinvented in another life and applied in a sustainable way. What I want people to feel is the meaning of freedom in Peruvian culture, the different regional experiences, and the connectivity of energy that defines them.

ZERAFET by Melis Hafizoglu

B.S Fashion and Textile Management, Fashion Development, and Product Management

In June 2022, my dad, an established mathematician, was diagnosed with Glioblastoma multiforme (grade 4 brain cancer). My dad’s mind has always been so sharp, it’s difficult to watch the same mind be the thing that plagues him. My dad loves math but doesn’t understand fashion, and I love fashion but don’t understand math, so I wanted to use this collection as an opportunity to explore our relationship as well as the intersection between mathematics and fashion. This year’s theme, Kinetic, made me think of mathematical movement and shapes, and my dad brought up the Fibonacci spiral, Archimedean spiral, and sinusoidal movement. We brainstormed most of this collection by taking inspiration from mathematical figures, specifically the fibonacci spiral. Mathematics is everywhere in fashion, and this collection, ZERAFET, will always be a special one for me.

Motions of Grief by Mia Boosey

Chemical Engineering, Sustainable Energy

Motions of Grief is inspired by all the emotions people go through when dealing with grief. Whether it’s the passing of a loved one or a breakup leaving you heartbroken, the cycle of grief and healing is full of emotional motion. Everyone experiences loss differently, but the emotions shared are often similar. I want my pieces to help portray the emotions that I felt during a time of grief. My hope is that the audience is able to mentally go through this healing process with me. I want everyone to see that these emotions are normal and nobody’s process of healing is linear. There will be moments of hope and happiness and despair and depression. Allow yourself to step into my shoes and experience how I healed from grief.

Vita naturilis. by Ellie Baker

Computer Science

When I find myself looking at a tree, I often see it as a looming, stationary thing, perhaps being idly swayed by a breeze. However, I often forget about the busy inner workings of trees: water and nutrients being moved around, roots shooting down and limbs shooting up and out. Many living things seem still and stagnant at a quick glance and it is easy to forget the dynamic motion they possess. Bees move in repetitive dances over their tesselating honey cells to show where to search for nectar. The flowers they find blossom, and those plants move to explore and draw from their surroundings. Underwater, coral provides defense, filtration, and a habitat for fish in its flexuous, flowing reefs. The natural world is alive with bustling symbiosis and motion. 

By emphasizing the kinetic behaviors and silhouettes of living things, Vita naturilis. is meant to inspire a different perspective on the natural world as something truly bursting with life. This collection is made with a combination of 3d-printed and robotic elements, assorted fabrics, and hand-knit and crocheted pieces.

Bloom by Madeleine Tharrington

MADTech with a Fibers & Soft Construction Concentration

Bloom is centered around the concept of something beautiful growing from darkness. Most women in our society are taught to fit a specific mold and are held back by systemic barriers and boundaries. This requires individuals to have to work that much harder after being torn down and told “no” so many times. The beauty of all individuals standing up against those who tear them down is in the strength they acquire to regrow after these tribulations. Each piece of Bloom represents both the duality and cohesion of beauty and strength which is perfectly reflected by flowers, who seasonally die, but then regrow into something even more beautiful. This is portrayed in my collection through a combination of muted, dark tones, with vibrant and bright colors bursting through in embroidery and beading, flowers, and laser cut acrylic paillettes. Bloom demonstrates kinesis through growth and regrowth involved in each look. I’ve designed each look to not only demonstrate kinetic growth, but also inspire potential energy in all women to come back from any barrier or boundary and regrow into whatever they want to be. Your possibilities are limitless and not defined by those who tear you down.

Meet the Art2Wear Committee Members

Not pictured:

Production Committee: Celia Fennel (Fashion & Textile Management, Freshman)
Communications Committee: Emma Reid (Business Administration, Sophomore)
Fundraising Committee: Annabelle Clary (Engineering, Sophomore)