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Advance: Art2Wear 2021

Art2Wear explores new fashion ground and creates new design pathways by encouraging students to blend technical skills with innovative technology

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Meet the Designers

Chiana Royal


When I think of advancement, I consider the goal towards which we all advance, the concept of perfection. Perfection, as dictated by society’s definitions, is a toxic notion that has a very narrow perspective of what beauty is. But perfection can mean many things, and one’s advancement towards self-expression is a much more empowering journey. The idea that when you look in the mirror, you see not the product of societal definitions of perfection, but the product of a long journey of individuality and acceptance. This collection shows one woman’s advancement towards liberty of self-expression irrespective of societal dictates. At the beginning of the journey, society’s expectations are conveyed in a rigidity of form and shape that obscures the model’s natural form. Each subsequent outfit incorporates an advancement towards lighter, softer colors and fabric, which celebrates the model’s natural beauty. The final outfit represents her liberated joy of self-expression.

Najeel Range


My collection relates to the theme “Advance” through bringing awareness to plastic waste and racial injustice. Moving forward in a purposeful way is so important, especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic and continued publicized racial injustice happening all over the world. My inspiration comes from activism through fiber work and recent global events. In this collection I will utilize materials like plastic from different types of packaging to further symbolize the mass amount of consumption occurring globally. My portrayal of racial injustice will play a role using embellishment and embroidery on my work through thought provoking and maybe controversial text. Overall, I want to create a meaningful and beautiful collection that brings empowerment and awareness to the viewer.

Sarah Quinn and Liz Braaksma


By looking at past trends in women’s fashion from the 16th to the 19th century, we noticed a pattern in the restriction of movement caused by these garments. This restriction seems to mimic women’s roles in society at the time. To highlight the advancement of fashion and the advancement of feminism, “EYRE” focuses on contrast and juxtaposition. It is dark yet romantic, stiff yet loose, trapped yet free, and black yet white. Each piece unveils the bones of fashion trends of the past, both literally, through a look at how these garments are made, and figuratively, by communicating the dark reality of fashion. But “EYRE” simultaneously brings forth a sense of liberation and freedom. The product of this constant juxtaposition throughout our collection is a symbol of advancement in our society and fashion.

Tess Wiegmann

Cause to Unite

An exploration on the importance of coming together to form necessary structures for change. The last year has surfaced a great need for societal change. The global pandemic, political tension, and environmental stress have contributed to a need for unity and comfort in our society. Knitting and other fiber manipulation techniques represent the idea of modular pieces interlocking and working together to create a whole. Using a modern perspective on the traditional craft, and experimental soft construction processes, this collection represents a future in which inclusion and sustainability are celebrated and society may move forward in purposeful ways.

Lydia Farro


An elegy is a poem of deep, somber reflection, traditionally lamenting the death of a loved one. The purpose of this collection is to visually represent an elegy that honors the life and death of a relationship. Each garment represents a different stage in the relationship, illustrating its gradual decline. Beginning with flowing, unconfined silhouettes, the garments become more rigid and transparent over time. This signifies how the relationship progressed from something pure, simple, and beautiful into something more difficult and constricting. Something that feels like work. This elegy seeks to highlight each one of these stages as it grieves the loss of love.

Morgan Cardwell


As life has continued through time, the bodies that carry it have morphed and advanced in order to adapt for better survival. Through the evolution of humanity, our bodies have had to coexist with constant danger and risk, adjusting slowly over time to fight off the pathogens around us. These adaptations have become especially prevalent in 2020, as humanity navigates living around COVID-19 and balancing physical survival with mental and emotional health.

Vita explores the theme of advancement through visual displays of the human form molded with abstracted patterns from virus, bacteria and fungi cells. These combinations create a visualization of coexistence, while showing the dark beauty of these microscopic cells when examined on an intimate level.

I want my pieces to be bold and dramatic, accurate for the current times while being a stark contrast to the vulnerability and soft curves of a human form.