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measurable extent of some kind, such as length, breadth, depth, or height
an aspect or feature of a situation, problem, or thing

A Note from the Director

I am so excited to present Art2Wear 2024: Dimensions. We wanted to find a theme that encapsulates what Art2Wear has become, but also the past 22 years of evolution in this program. This year the team focused a lot on performance aspects, multi-designer collaboration, and external production. The leadership team has carefully chosen talented designers that we know have and will continue to push the boundaries of art on the body. During the show each designer will take you into their own Dimension that their collection lives in, physically and conceptually. The theme “Dimensions” can mean different things to different people, but to me, “Dimensions” is about the unique experiences that every student goes through at their time here at NC State. It symbolizes the College of Design and Art2Wear’s evolution, their transformative shifts. 

Thank you to my leadership team, faculty advisors, student members, designers and donors for sharing in your love for A2W! Without these people this production would not have been possible and I am forever grateful. I hope you all enjoy the hard work that has been put into the show this year. 

Much love,
Rachel Gore (MADTech ‘24) <3

Megan Brown (Left) and Emma Anderson (Right)

Meet the 2024 Designers

oom by Katherine Charrier

Fashion and Textile Management

Set in the 1950s, two women just go about their day, enjoying their picture-perfect society. Exaggerated, neat, and pressed clothes blend them into society. The housewives routinely do their chores, longing for a break in the cycle. One day, they began to hear a humming from outside. Entranced, the entire neighborhood peers out of their homes. The afternoon sky darkens and a faint beep begins to echo. An ambient light strikes from above, rattling the ground. Within seconds, the light begins defying gravity and levitating humans up into the air.

Unable to resist, matter begins developing on the humans, engulfing all earthly features. The atmospheric pressure morphs their skin into unidentifiable creatures, illuminating in space. No longer human, no longer individual, only oom.

PSILOCYBIN by Aurora Henderson

Media Arts, Design and Technology (concentration in game design and development)

Transdimensional travel refers to the concept of existing beyond the three traditional dimensions, which we know as reality. Perception is relative. Who’s to say there aren’t 8.1 billion different dimensions of the same reality? This group of pieces serves to bring to life what I imagine a psychedelic trip across various dimensions to look and feel like. This collection aims to bring the audience a visually stunning experience as they recognize familiar shapes which become distorted and morph into something completely new and unfamiliar. Each piece has its own unique silhouette and color palette, with this diversity emulating the endless possibilities of creation as we take a trip across the universe. 

Interstellar by Summer Needham

Design Studies

My collection dives into the dimensions of space, drawing inspiration from the vast expanse of the universe and the unseen and unfathomable mysteries of the cosmos. It is a celestial voyage—a journey through the stars, encapsulating what an interstellar trip would look and feel like. The atmosphere of my ensemble immerses you into the depths of space, transporting you into a realm where the intangible becomes tangible.

Entropy by Shannon Levkovitz


Entropy, the natural march towards disorder, manifests in the crumbling of buildings, the demise of trees, and the creases that mark our aging skin. Yet within this decay lies a profound beauty, a beauty inherent in change and evolution, although accompanied by destruction. This dichotomy is the essence of my collection. It embodies the sublime journey of the human spirit, perpetually evolving and beckoning growth, juxtaposed with the devastation we’ve inflicted upon our planet. Each piece serves as a testament to human evolution, mirroring the epochs of material utilization. Rather than imposing my will upon the materials, I’ve allowed them to guide me, tracing our civilization’s trajectory. From the primal act of kindling fire with wood, symbolizing our earliest innovations, to the industrial dominance of concrete and metals during the revolution, each material frames a moment in time.

Yet, amidst our current Anthropocene, there’s a glimmer of hope—a vision of a future where we recognize our interconnectedness with nature. It’s a future where ownership dissipates, replaced by symbiosis, where we nurture the earth as it nurtures us. In this vision, we empower nature to flourish alongside us, embracing a harmonious coexistence that transcends mere existence.

Evolve by Josh Pope


My approach to dimensions is heavily influenced by how we experience and interact with them through matter. In our realm of existence, that is through the elements: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. I designed how garments would adapt to their respective environments if one of the four elements were extremely prevalent. In the details of each garment, there are technical approaches that relate to the subtopics of dimensions: Frequency, Quantum Entanglement, Bosonic String Theory, Revelations, Relativity, and Reflectance. For frequency, all matter is constantly vibrating and resonating with each other. This can be diagrammed in many ways and for this topic, it can be represented through materiality. Designing garments considering how things connect has merit, and relating that to quantum entanglement, bosonic string theory, can offer many opportunities for material exploration—revealing new dimensions of the clothing, by either uncovering layers underneath or exaggerating the “dimensions” of individual pieces. Relativity coincides with dimensions because what is considered large or small is relative. Finally, reflectance relates to alternate dimensions, a mirrored version of someone, or the environment.

ILLUMINATURE by Katherine Ryan and Gabriela Hernandez Vargas

Graphic and Experience Design

Nature and technology are always changing and evolving alongside us, however, nature is often considered the antithesis of technology. Through our collection we challenged this contradiction by merging the two together into personifications of each of the natural elements. Throughout our performance you will see Day (Keya Shanbhag), Life (Gabrielle Fjellman), Water (Lina Pettaris), Weather (Natalie Yeung), Air (Sarah Annibale), Fire (Raisa Hernandez Vargas), and Night (Gloria Chien) symbolized through wearable art.

For us, the theme dimensions is about understanding the multifaceted aspects of our elements. Typically, when asked to imagine what the natural elements look like, people picture them in the daylight. By deciding to show them in the dark as well, we created a more complete image of them, showing a side that is often overlooked. Throughout our performance you will see how each character’s appearance changes in the dark, with the use of illuminating technology.

Although there is a transformation of light and dark, the characters preserve their motions and themes, showing how they adapt to their environments. We hope our collection allows you to reflect on your own connection to nature and leaves you inspired by the beauty of ILLUMINATURE.

SUBMERGED by Abigail Stuart

Fashion and Textile Management (Concentration in Product Development, Minor in Textile Technology)

The Earth is warming, glaciers are melting, and creatures are growing. Immerse yourself in a dimension where we exist underwater, a future where the distinction between human and animal is unknown.

This collection of wearable art engulfs the model in a 3-dimensional mutation that is the future of our species after climate change. Each piece is unique in its texture and movement, large and bright organisms that exist submerged in the depths of our dark and mysterious oceans. The stage should feel as if in motion, the models caught in a spiral of water, moving between the light and shadows. The music is ominous, without words, building in intensity as each piece comes into view.

Inspired by romanticism in ballet, a girl transforms into a new and enchanting organism once she is taken by the sea. Now a part of this dimension, she explores the strange creatures and the role she plays in this unknown world.

An entrancing and dark dimension, completely SUBMERGED.

Journey to the West by Henry Tran

Fashion and Textile Design

In ‘Journey to the West,’ a collection diving into the poignant journey of immigrant parents as they traverse the ethereal boundaries between worlds, leaving behind their homeland to forge a new destiny. Through the lens of dimensional leaps, this narrative explores the emotional complexities and resilience required to navigate unfamiliar landscapes while holding onto the essence of their cultural identity.

The collection approaches my parent’s immigration as a dimensional leap through deliberate design elements like raw edges that wear and tear along the way. The frayed edges serve as a passage of time marked by challenges that faced my parents. Central to the collection is the color red that connects my parents cultural heritage with their newfound dimension growing red roots that spread throughout their dimension boldly and warmly show their presence in a new land.

Single Look Designers

  • Arynn Baginski
  • Emma Barber
  • Betsy Shepherd
  • Lydia Spears

Meet the Art2Wear Committee Members


Left to right, top to bottom: Aleena Thomas, Aurelia Pyrczak, Gabriella Rotruck, Hannah Li, Kevin Foster, Lagan McGinnis, Sarayu Kondaveeti, Grace Gilbert

Not pictured:

Production Committee: Julia Smith, Sophie McCree, Abby Lundergan, Juliet Shire, Michaela Langley