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Abby Redus

Selcouth: 2020 Designer Showcase

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Abby Redus

Senior, Art + Design

Concept Statement: Belladonna is a reflection of my conception of modern feminism, which has been formed in part by the Betty Friedan book, “The Feminine Mystique”. A “woman’s place” in the world is an ever-changing subject, often informed by more male input than necessary . Women are constantly put down and femininity is often viewed as weak and fragile when in reality it’s actually what makes women so powerful. The ability to allow yourself to be vulnerable and gentle in a hard world can show more strength than most people realize. By using these concepts in conjunction with dramatic sculptural visual contrasts, I have translated this inspiration into selcouth. The soft and gentle tulle contrasted with the hardness of the metal and black rubber illustrates in an extravagant way the internal struggle women face everyday in a world not constructed for them.

What was the inspiration behind your collection?

The way women are viewed as weak in the world but their vulnerability is what actually makes them powerful.

What were the main fabric or fabric manipulation processes you used in your garments?

Manipulation of tulle and upcyled bike tires as vegan leather.

What will you take away from your time working with Art2Wear?

There is nothing more sacred than creating and doing what you love with other artisans and makers.

How has Covid-19 affected your collection, if at all?

Greatly changed accessibility to supplies, workspace, and machinery changing how the collection was made and look.

Thanks to my parents for their endless support

Abby Jarrett

Abby Redus

Senior, Art + Design

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Selcouth; (adjective) rare, strange, unfamiliar – yet completely marvelous