Communicating with Animals

Meet Milo.

I have no idea what his breed is, but I do know that Milo loves to take naps, snuggle, go on car rides, go on walks, and eat yummy treats. How do I know all of this? We communicate! Crazy, but true!

This semester we are taking a foundations class together. This class focuses on bonding with your dog, so you can learn how to communicate more clearly with one another. During this 8-week class, I keep thinking about the communication between dogs and humans. Or on a broader spectrum, the communication between members of different species. What will be the next big thing that is invented to better communicate between dog and human?

I mean think about it. It is possible. Right?

As designers, one of our goals is to send a message to the viewer. If you take a look at branding, marketing, and advertising, they are all tools to help you promote your business to the people, but how? It is the process of developing, promoting, selling, and distributing. All of these things together make up a form of communication.

So back to dogs. Humans have been communicating with dogs for a long time. Trainers all have their theories and methods of how to do it. Right now, humans communicate verbally, and dogs communicate through body language. But thinking about the future, in design terms, with the human being the designer and the dog being is the viewer – what will be the “thing” that bridges the gap between the dog and human language barrier? Or is it even possible?

*Note: this idea can go for any animal.