the student publication of the college of design at north carolina state university

Volume 39 Submission Criteria



This journal will have a print and an online component. The online component will be open-­source, so as to be accessible to as many design students, educators and practitioners as possible. The print version will be sold at a nominal cost to libraries, design schools and whomever might want to get their hands on it. Our goal is to generate a publication that presents contemporary and emerging perspectives on the way that we design, think, and learn. To that end, we invite a variety of types of submissions, including but not limited to:

  • Personal reflections as essays, interviews, letters, or poetry / prose
  • Interviews: Via Skype, Phone or Text (email, text or Google Doc) that will be printed verbatim
  • Case Studies
  • Critical essays that question / expand our current thinking

We also invite a variety of media, including but not limited to:

  • Traditional Essays (Between 500-2000 words)
  • Interview (Via Skype, email, or in person)
  • Visual Essays (Maximum of 20 images + captions): Images of visual projects with captions. These might take the form of case studies, project evaluations or explanations or an experiment in visual narrative.
  • Micro Essays (100-250 words): Shorter essay option for contributors. We envision these as provocations, reflections, inquiries or introductory examinations.
  • Videos (with clear transference to print-­based medium)
  • Co-Authored Essay or Project

We welcome both new and republished work. If re-published, we ask you, the contributor, to write a nominal section to introduce and situate the contribution specifically within the current theme of The Student Publication.

The word count is a maximum of 2000 words for texts, but we encourage a wide range of contribution lengths.


Open Call Submission and Peer Review Process:

There are two possible channels for publication: print and online. We invite contributions of all types (as listed above.) We will employ a double-blind peer review process for the abstracts. The  final contributions will be evaluated by the Publication editors for content and alignment with the overall theme.


March 15: 250-Word abstract due

March 19: Notification of Acceptance

May 28: Final Submission is due.

**Please submit all abstracts as Microsoft Word documents to studentpublication@ncsu.edu. Please make sure that your name does not appear anywhere in the document.

Format for final submission

Written essays can be submitted in Microsoft Word. All images, captions and attributes (copyright, etc.) should be submitted with the final draft as high resolution .tif or .jpeg files. Please indicate within the text document where the images should align.


This is a publication aimed at design students, practitioners and educators across disciplines. We imagine (and hope) that the topics and writings will also be compelling to anyone interested in the role of creative practice and process.