Steven Matijcio

Remember by Steven Matijcio

Remember In his 2009 book What is an Apparatus? Italian political philosopher Giorgio Agamben characterized his titular inquiry as “literally anything that has in some way the capacity to capture, orient, determine, intercept, model, control or secure the gestures, behaviors, opinions, or discourses of living beings.” (1) He goes on to […]

Volume 37: (n)everlasting

The Arrogance of Permanence (or Designs Should Flow like Leaves) by Aly Khalifa

We are taught in design school that the best designs have a lasting quality. We see beautiful commercial objects in venues like New York’s Museum of Modern Art and are led to think it represents the ultimate achievement of a design project. Designers are then inspired to create solutions that […]

Volume 37 Contributor

401 Oberlin Road + 520 S Person Street by Erin Sterling Lewis

Change is constant. It insinuates impermanence and can be exciting or devastating. Living in the fast growing city of Raleigh, I’ve seen a tremendous amount of change since moving here in 2002 – some exciting and some devastating. I practiced architecture for seven years before serving on the Raleigh Planning […]

Terra Incognita: 1000 Cities of the World by Catherine D’Ignazio

Terra Incognita was a Latin term used on maps from the Age of Discovery to denote unexplored territories. It’s a perspectival term. Because, of course, there were people like the Tupinambá actually living in those seemingly unexplored lands on Martin Waldseemüller’s map. The places the Tupinambá knew intimately — where […]


Blur by Elizabeth Diller, Richard Scofidio and Charles Renfro

Location: Yverdons-les-Bains, Switzerland Scale: 80,000 sf (7400 sm) Status: Completed 2002 Awards Progressive Architecture – P/A Design Award – 2003 Swiss TV and B. magazine – Golden Rabbit for Best Building of 2002 – 2003 The Guardian – Top Ten Buildings of the Decade – 2009 Summary Blur is an architecture of atmosphere—a […]

Lev Manovich

Volume 37 Contributor: Lev Manovich

Lev Manovich is a new media theorist and digital culture advocate. He is a professor at The Graduate Center, CUNY, and a Director of the Software Studies Initiative which works on the analysis and visualization of big cultural data. His work is about creating permanent documents out of seemingly impermanent or […]

Week 1: August 23

Please come to class on August 23 with a 5-10 slide presentation that explains a project, assignment or experience you did (or had) that introduced you to a new and provocative idea about design and/or changed the way that you think about design. Upload to this Google Drive Folder by 1pm. In […]


/Volume 36/ Form and Fiction: The role of design and designers in shaping, framing and reflecting reality

  “The idea of probable, preferable, plausible and possible futures – the space between reality and the impossible – allows designers to challenge design orthodoxy and prevailing technological visions so that fresh perspectives can begin to emerge.” —Dunne & Raby In Volume 36 of The Student Publication, we look to engage […]


V36 Contributors

Volume 36 of The Student Publication offers a wide perspective on the nature of reality and how designers affect, create and modify it. From science fiction writers to speculative designers, the contributors to this volume are diverse, passionate and provocative. If you are interested in contributing, please contact our editors at […]


Bruce Sterling

Bruce Sterling is a well known science fiction author, blogger and organizer who helped define the Cyberpunk movement – a genre which focuses on “high tech and low life.” In 2005, Sterling became “visionary in residence” at Art Center College Center of Design in Pasadena, California. Sterling will be focusing […]


Nicolas Rader

Nicolas Rader is an Architect at Snohetta, an international firm with US headquarters in New York City. Rader is currently working in Raleigh on the Hunt Library, located on the  Centennial Campus of NC State. The new library houses a “bookbot” rather than bookshelves, changing the definition of what a […]


Roger Manley

Roger Manley is the Director of the Gregg Museum of Art + Design at NCSU. The Gregg’s current exhibition, Art Without Artists, raises provocation questions about the criteria that makes an object art. Manley will be responding to this question and giving insight into the relationship between art, artists and the […]


Stephen Killian

Stephen Killian is a junior in Architecture within the College of Design. As head organizer of the annual Halloween Bash, Killian created a rich story specifically designing every artifact to fit within the context of the theme – Apocalypse. His attention to the overarching narrative provoked the viewer to enter […]


Ted Givens

Ted Givens is a visionary, award-winning architect and founding partner at Hong Kong-based 10 Design. His firm was conceived as an environment that would allow for an intense focus on design and research. Givens will be writing about how rough visionary thoughts move into reality – tied to client and […]

Passion, 2012

Immersive Spaces

/by Anna Bailer/ Environments can be comforting, provocative, or sometimes disturbing; all of which have different effects on the viewer. Being submerged in a new or different environment is an effective way to transform the reality of another person, or can prompt them to question the one they currently know. […]