Aly G. Khalifa

Aly G. Khalifa

Aly G. Khalifa

Design Entrepreneur

Aly is a design entrepreneur specializing in invention development. Trained as a Product Designer and Mechanical Engineer at NC State University, he has launched products for some of the most exciting consumer brands and has garnered more than two dozen patents. Aly and his wife Beth have founded numerous efforts nurturing inventive culture. They created SPARKcon, which is the nation’s largest open-source creative festival, attracting 75,000 attendees annually. They also founded the gourmet brand, Gamila, a collection of beautiful and sustainable single-serve coffee and tea tools, which was acquired by Seventh Generation in 2014.

Aly’s latest effort, Lyf Shoes, offers custom footwear built on demand. Lyf is built on a unique circular-economy model, combining 3D printing, on-board electronics, cradle-to-cradle principles and decentralized manufacturing.

Aly believes that collaborating with experts across diverse disciplines leads to revolutionary new products, technologies and methodologies. He travels extensively, innovating with factories around the world. His collaborations have been nominated for a Grammy and exhibited in the Louvre. He is an Eisenhower Fellow and AIGA Fellow, recognized for his creative leadership and ability to drive tangible change.

Motivation to serve on Leaders Council:

A chance to reconnect and give back to my community.

Design Philosophy:

Design as a force for good.