Student Services

Student Services

The Student Services Office at the College of Design serves as a point of contact for prospective and enrolled students. Recruitment, admissions, retention and outreach programs all fall under the Student Services umbrella.

Students are encouraged to strive for a well-rounded college experience by participating in one or more of the University's 400 clubs and organizations. Including intramural and recreational sports, arts and activities, dance programs, Greek organizations, and a wide variety of clubs and special programs that all welcome your participation. Students are also encouraged to participate in Cooperative Education opportunities and internships that enrich learning by providing sponsored work assignments in private industry and nonprofit organizations.

The College of Design Student Services Office serves as an advocate that connects design students to resources provided by the greater university such as financial assistance, housing, the student health service, and the counseling center.

Academic Advising and Career Services

Design students seek out careers that allow them to develop and showcase their skills. Design Career Services partners with the University Career Center to help you prepare for a successful future in your desired design profession.

We are continually contacted by companies and organizations wanting to hire our talented students. Career Services aims to prepare and inform you for the various jobs and internships available through the College of Design.

We offer several career events throughout the year, including employment workshops and on-campus interview days. Individual career assistance is also available to students needing guidance in resume and cover-letter writing, interviewing skills, and self-promotion.