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George Elvin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Architecture

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From Death Valley to the peaks of the Northern Cascades, I seek out nature’s lessons for thriving in adversity. Then I apply those lessons in creating safe, affordable housing for today and tomorrow. When I can, I bring my students along so they can learn from nature and create resilient designs adaptable to our changing climate.
The world is changing, and as all environments become more extreme we need to be ready for anything. We need homes that we can count on to be there after the next climate disaster, and where better to look for answers than nature itself. I’ve been to the world’s hottest, windiest, wettest, snowiest, and driest places, and I’ve seen how plants and animals adapt to extremes.
I’ve seen how resilient nature can be, and my goal is to create homes we can count on to keep us and our loved ones safe as our everyday environments become more extreme.