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Christine Browning

Leaders Council Member; Director of Experience Design, SAS


Christine heads up the Experience Design division at SAS, which includes Product Design, Accessibility, and Design Strategy.  Her current emphasis is on API usability and developer experience for applications in data mining and machine learning, the internet of things, natural language processing, risk and finance, and many others.

Christine values diversity, authenticity, and continuous improvement, and seeks to foster a culture of innovation through play, collaboration, and critique. Fascinated by human wisdom in all its forms, she takes a systems-level approach to problem-solving, and is convinced that the messy dynamics of cross-functional teamwork result in stronger solutions than the scribbles of lone geniuses (99% of the time).

She received a degree in Mandarin Chinese, with a minor in political science, from the University of Michigan – then chucked it all for art school, studying painting and animation at Savannah College of Art and Design.