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Summer in London_Needlework

Jan 14, 2016

Summer in London at the Royal School of Needlework

Spend the summer in London with NC State Design! Students will study at the Royal School of Needlework, where they will learn traditional embroidery techniques and the history of stitching. 

Lauren Vance_Paris

Jan 14, 2016

‘Kung-Fu’ Designer

Lauren Vance, an Industrial Design undergraduate student, has found unique ways to tie her personal passions into her creative designs. From Cheerleading to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, her time with NC State Design has provided many learning opportunities to challenge her personal growth. 

Bungsoo_to NC State

Jan 13, 2016

Byungsoo Wins GM Interactive Design Competition

Masters in Industrial Design student Byungsoo Kim has won the 2016 GM Interactive Design Competition for his entry in the product design category. 


Jan 4, 2016

A Master Plan

After working in the design field for several years, Byungsoo Kim’s decision to continue his education opened the door to new opportunities for him at NC State Design. 

Emma Eble_Prague

Dec 21, 2015

“E” for Experience

Graphic Design major and University Honors student Emma Eble takes all of life's challenges in stride with optimism, confidence, and a passionate spirit. 

empathy bridge

Dec 14, 2015

Why Should Designers Care About Empathy?

Empathy is instrumental in achieving our goal as designers, which is to improve people’s quality of life. This is achieved through responding to their situation by creating solutions that resonate with their unique realities. 


Dec 8, 2015

GD Professor Helen Armstrong speaks at AIGA

NC State Design welcomes Associate Professor of Graphic Design Helen Armstrong to its faculty. Helen brings with her an interest in design education and participatory design systems. 


Dec 2, 2015

Taking a Chance

Taking a Chance - a blessing for Macklin Frazier (College of Design senior) and opened the door to many opportunities, now a UX Designer at SAS 


Nov 20, 2015

Press for Change

Allison Press, a junior in Graphic Design, has a clear plan for her future. Her drive to make a difference is evident in many of her endeavors. 

emily sikkel

Nov 17, 2015

A Passion for Dance, A Passion for Design

Emily Sikkel is a freshman design student at NC State College of Design; a member of the Panoramic Dance Project; Passionate about design and dance.