Time to get building

It is the 12th week of the semester. The stone and the steel is here- time to get building. As the action moved to Artist’s backyard, it was time to divide up the team to expedite work. While one part of the class sweated it out in the site matching stone to stone raising the stone walls, the other team got greasy at the shop fabricating steel for the green screens. Learning how to operate the machines, ensuring the steel was cut as accurate to 1/8th of an inch demanded a lot of concentration.

A major part of the week was also spent by me on redsigning the screen, shifting the cables around in the steel frame and creating a new frame design to enclose the cistern of ABY phase 2. In between, I was regularly on the phone with the manufacturers of the hardware for the cable end fixtures, trying to negotiate prices and understanding how their hardware worked. Since the design was not very simple, it involved a lot of coordination with the manufacturers and me ensuring that they they were receiving the correct drawings. I did have wistful moments when I wished that the design was much simpler, then it would not have had all these addional hassles and fears. But I guess, when the design works out at the end, it would be worth all the hard work.

Making the green screens happen is a very big deal for me. For starters, it is based off my design and then there is so much of money involved, it is turning out to be more costly than all the other components of the design build put together, and not the mention the faith of my classmates and professors which is at stake too.
Being in Design Build also means having to sacrifice a few of your holidays and sleep hours to make your project complete on time. With the semester almost nearing an end, it required us students to work overtime over Spring holiday to keep things moving. But missing a holiday is not a bad thing after all when it is your project which is getting built and it is your hard work which would make it happen.

– CM

Starting with the stone walls- one stone at a time