Cut, Drill, Weld…..

Its the 14th week of the semester and the third week in the shop and I cant wait for the panels to be ready and sent out to the powder coaters. Sometimes I wonder how much easier life would have been for myself and the rest of the shop people if we would have gone for a straightforward green screen design rather than this complicated mesh of cables. These screens are also turning out to the most expensive component of the design build project. And I am sure, I will not have a single night of peaceful sleep till the screens are complete and up at the site. This green screen project has taught me a lot of new roles. Apart from learning to weld and drill, handling this project has taught me interact with outside vendors, explaining them about our requirements and at the same time knowing how to do impromptu improvisations on site.

Working on site,made me realize that no matter how well our drawings have been made, there would always be some minute detail that gets left out about which we tend to realize only when we reach that point during construction. One such point came when we realized that the huge cistern screens, which have already been welded into rectangles, did not have the holes drilled into them for fixing them to the ground. Since it would have been foolish to cut out the weld and drill the holes, we had to set up the entire huge panel on top of the drilling machine. With a lot of support and help from the Shop Team, who helped us lift the frames and moved around their machines to fit our frame, our screens finally got the required holes drilled in them.

The week also required the shop team to give in a few extra hours during the weekend so that the screens could be complete and ready to be powder coated by Monday morning. The overnighters which are a requirement for the successful completion for any design school project was one aspect which was slightly missing in the Design Build project since almost all the work was getting completed within the class hours. The green screen construction made sure, we got a taste of that too.

– CM

Fireworks at the shop- the green screen panels get completed

Fireworks at the shop- the green screen panels get completed