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Max Cohen

Mar 12, 2020

Ami Sueki and the Creation of a Design Language

Ami Sueki and the Creation of a Design Language Get Lost. Explore. Discover. Make this your mission when you choose to visit the website of the Atlanta-based creative studio, Zoo. You will be greeted by the absurd. Your senses will be overwhelmed. And despite all reason, you will want to dive deeper. Standing in front… 

Genevieve Gholizadeh thumbnail

Feb 18, 2020

NC State Creatives: Genevieve Gholizadeh

Genevieve is pursuing her Master's in Industrial Design and is passionate about doing two things: reducing waste in the apparel industry, and making a mean pair of sneakers. 

Feb 10, 2020

Architecture Students Compete for 2020 AIA Triangle Scholarships

  On January 27, 2020, 31 College of Design architecture students submitted their projects to the 2020 AIA Triangle Scholarship awards. The scholarships were separated into two Honor awards at $3,000 each, and two Merit awards at $1,000 each. Projects were juried by the AIA Triangle Board of Directors, and competing designs were judged based… 

Entrance and Basic Needs Hub at Oberlin Road site, as designed by Daniel Garrett.

Jan 14, 2020

Exploring Solutions, By Design

Barrie’s studio class, Affordable and Supportive Housing for NC State, explored possible solutions to student housing insecurity. The concept connected with the results of a 2017 research study by the NC State Food and Housing Security Initiative, co-chaired by psychology professor Mary Haskett and Sarah Wright, TRIO academic coach at the university, which found that almost 10 percent of NC State students had experienced homelessness within a 30-day period. 

Jan 13, 2020

Design Camp Reflections: Skyler Bolyard

Design Camp Reflections: Skyler Bolyard Before taking off for Prague, Skyler took a moment to reflect on her time working with the Design Lab this past year. The following is a blog post she wrote about her experience. Many thanks to Skyler, and all the best wishes for a great time in the Czech Republic!… 

andy hilts portrait

Jan 2, 2020

From Biology to Graphic Design: Andy Hilts Brings Modern Design to SAS

From Biology to Graphic Design: Andy Hilts Brings Modern Design to SAS Andy Hilts, a junior in the Graphic Design program at NC State’s College of Design (CoD), didn’t always consider a career as a creative. Now, his work is featured in a global campaign by one of the Triangle’s most prolific tech companies. Like many…