April 28, 2017 // Art2Wear is supported by the NC State Foundation



We are proud of the collaboration, and continued hard work from our committee members who have given their time and talents to ensure the success of A2W.

Justin Leblanc

Faculty Advisor

    Olivia Koval

    Student Director

      Andrew Hilts

      Assistant Student Director

        Tori Hancock

        Photography Director

          Rachael Paine

          Graphic Designer

            Caswell Turner


              Tea Blumer

              Artistic Contributor

                Jason Haskins

                Photography Assistant

                  Kerrigan Barrington

                  Public Relations

                    Lauren Blackwell


                      Katie Rant

                      Food Fundraising

                        Claudia White


                          Fri Momin

                          Hair + Makeup

                            Kyle Koval

                            Ticketing + Merchandising

                              2017 DESIGNERS


                              Each of our designers bring a  unique perspective in the classroom and on the runway, making A2W such a magical event. Each designer's collection is their interpretation of the theme: The Art of Deja Vu.

                              Grace Bilbao

                              Art + Design

                                Quinan Dalton

                                Art + Design

                                  Tristan Griffiths + Hannah Stabler

                                  Industrial Design

                                    Grace Hallman

                                    Art + Design

                                      Lizzy Lawrence

                                      Art + Design

                                        Carly Owens

                                        Art + Design

                                          Alyssa Padmos

                                          Animal Science

                                            Cristina Wright

                                            Art + Design

                                              Laura Wyker

                                              Art + Design

                                                Jeanna Young

                                                Art + Design



                                                  Art2Wear (A2W) is celebrating its 16th year as a student-organized runway show that presents fashion, costume and wearable sculpture created by the students of the College of Design at NC State University. This annual event is organized and hosted by the College of Design’s Art + Design department and beyond to display juried examples of our best student work each spring through runway and exhibition.


                                                  A2W’s vision is to challenge our audience and designers to question the boundaries and conventional definitions of “fashion." We seek to explore new fashion ground and create new design pathways by encouraging our students to blend their technical skill with innovative technology.

                                                  “Fashion” as Defined by A2W

                                                  A product or sculptural piece that interacts with the body and serves as either a cultural artifact, an artistic expression, a reflector of society, outward illustration of a person’s identity (including but not limited to social class, religion, and ethnicity), starter of revolutions, economic building block, basic human need, or body covering.


                                                  Hours in Studio


                                                  Total Designers


                                                  Yards of Fabric


                                                  Pairs of Shoes Worn