PhD Financial Resources

The PhD in Design program provides generous support for the students, which includes full tuition, stipend, and health insurance. Our program has been successful to continue this level of support as minimum for the three years or more of the students’ study period since the beginning in 1999.

Below is the information about the student support and scholarship/fellowship opportunities.

[BASIC SUPPORT: for 3 years contingent upon fund availability and student academic/research performances]
  • Stipend ($8,000-$14,000 per year)
  • Tuition
  • Health Insurance
  • Note-1: Student evaluations are conducted annually involving both his/her academic adviser and the program director during the summer period.
  • Note-2: Students are responsible to pay the university fees. For more detailed information about the fees, please visit the Student Services Center.





A limited amount of funds is available in support of student participation in conferences and scholarly meetings during their doctoral study.

Funded participation will prioritize paper presentations (peer-reviewed) and discussion panels over poster presentations.

  • Travel Fund Request: Submit your travel fund request to the PhD program director via email (at least one month before the event) including:
    • Conference information (name, date, venue, and conference website)
    • Peer-review results (paper acceptance letter, notification email, and/or letter with review comments)
    • Published conference material (copy of submitted material)
    • Travel and expense budget itemized (registration fee, transportation, and lodging; no food)
    • Endorsement from the student’s mentor/advisor (email confirmation from advisor)
  • Travel Support Amount
    • Domestic Travel: Up to $500 per travel
    • International Travel: Up to $1,000 per travel
    • Max $1,500 per academic year per person
  • PhD Program Travel Scholarship
    • Scholarship amount TBD
    • The scholarship details are announced during the Spring semester.
  • International Travel Grant ($500)


[Travel Report]
  • Submit your travel report within one month after travel including:
    • Travel summary
    • Paper presentation summary
    • New things/trends (in your area of expertise) observed or obtained from the conference/travel
    • Pictures (if available)