Design Lab for K-12 Education

Design Lab for K-12 Education

About the Design Lab for K-12 Education

The Design Lab for K-12 Education is dedicated to teaching design as a way of thinking and delivering design education experiences to benefit the K-12 community and beyond. Through active partnerships with College of Design faculty, students, alumni, and friends, the Design Lab integrates collaborative, immersive, and interdisciplinary programming and resources for students and educators. We assert that design is a skill of everyday life, and seek to promote development of these skills for the betterment of the future.

Design Lab in the News

Beyond Their Wildest Dreams
In the design studios this summer, high school students from across the country and abroad sat in the dark, inside appliance boxes big enough to serve as unique, collaborative spaces, […] Read More

The Design Camp Experience
For a great deal of the summer the design studios at the College of Design are quiet, the walls blank, but from mid-June to July, they’re filled with eager middle […] Read More

Interning with the Design Lab for K-12 Education
I spent the past two semesters working as an intern with the Design Lab for K-12 Education and I would consider it one of the most important experiences of my career as a student. Not only did I gain experience with educating students, organizing workshops, and working with teenagers as well as other educators [...] Read More

The Importance of Design
She’s from Wisconsin and enjoys cheese and writing (not necessarily in that order), plays the piano, and believes that all design disciplines are connected and that communication is fundamental […] Read More

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