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Art + Design Graduate Courses + Curriculum

The Masters of Art + Design program has two potential tracks, depending on the individual’s background and experience prior to entering the program.

Track 2: 60-credit hours (5 semesters – 48 graduate credits /6-12 undergraduate credits)

Track 2 is for students with undergraduate degrees in art and design or fields closely related to their concentration area. Track 2 students have some accomplishment and/or strong work experience within their chosen concentration area. Track 2 students may take some advanced undergraduate courses to further their conceptual, theoretical and technical acumen within their chosen concentration.

Track 3: 72-credit hours (6 semesters – 48 Graduate credits/12-24 undergraduate credits)

Track 3 presupposes applicants with undergraduate degrees related to the concentration area or some experience working within their chosen concentration area. Once in the program, all Track 3 students will take 2 semesters of undergraduate work in the concentration (21-24 credit hours) to improve skills, experiment, and gain confidence in the medium.

All students start in Track 3. After presenting advancement review at the end of the second semester, a student that demonstrates outstanding performance could be moved to track 2. In that case the student doesn’t have to take the courses listed in the fifth semester

Students of Track 2 and 3 should take undergraduate electives during the first year. The total number of undergraduate level credits will be advised for the advisor and defined according to the student’s previous experience and education background.


List of electives in Art and Design Department for Animation concentration  

  • Digital Motion
  • Visualizing Narratives
  • Storytelling through films
  • Dynamic Data
  • Special Effects
  • Documentary films
  • Sequential imaging
  • Seminar in Animation
  • Digital Modeling
  • Coding for designers


List of electives for concentration in fashion design

  • Sculptural Geometry, Creating Patterns for Fabrics
  • Advanced Three Dimensional Fibers, Forms and Structures
  • Shoe Design
  • Period Inspired Garments
  • Business of Design
  • Mixed media Sewing and Construction