Bonny Mendenhall Calloway – Product Design + Textile Design ’85

I was working on my Master’s in Product Design with a concentration in Textile Design, so at that time I had to walk from one end of campus, (The Design College) to the Nelson Textile building which was on the other end of the campus 2 to 3 times a day! This was before the Centennial Campus was complete.

I do not remember sleeping for 2 1/2 years! Seriously. I cherish those years though because I was pushed beyond what I thought that I could do creatively.

Also, at graduation, I was so surprised to receive an International award-Prince Philip Silver Medal for Excellence in Textile Design, Royal Society of Arts, London (Recognition of academic and design achievement for Master’s Thesis).

During my professional career, I had the pleasure of having students intern with me from the Design School as well as the Textile School. I was always so pleased to see that the standards had not changed.

During my career, I worked mostly with international companies and always was regretful that I could not be more active in Alumni affairs, but now that I have come full circle I do hope to re-establish my ties.