Develop a Short Animated Clip for AnimalKind

AnimalKind is a 501c3 nonprofit located in Raleigh whose mission is to end the unnecessary euthanasia of cats and dogs in NC shelters by helping low-income families prevent unwanted pet litters. Learn more by visiting

Our programs are THE $20 FIX, SpayNC Helpline, and ReTails Thrift Shop.

-THE $20 FIX program provides pet spay/neuter financial assistance to low-income pet owners in five counties.
-SpayNC Helpline provides information to residents all across NC about the pet spay/neuter resources in their area.
-ReTails Thrift shop is owned and operated by AnimalKind and all of its net profits support AnimalKind’s programs.

AnimalKind is looking for a design student interested in helping their community while building their portfolio at the same time. The task would be the creation of a short animated clip to represent our organization and its importance to the community. The student must be willing to volunteer their time and design expertise to help us in the creation of the clip

This is a great opportunity to help the community, gain volunteer hours, build your portfolio, and gain exposure all at the same time.

If interested please contact Laura at