Design Team Project To Be Featured At SIGGRAPH Awards

Design Team Project To Be Featured At SIGGRAPH Awards

At the end of July, a team of art + design students, led by Patrick Fitzgerald, associate professor of Art + Design, will arrive in Anaheim, Calif., and receive international recognition at the ACM SIGGRAPH Awards. SIGGRAPH is widely considered the most prestigious forum for the publication of computer graphics research. The awards recognize individuals who have made a significant contribution to the computer graphics community through their research, teaching, service or writing.

The College of Design’s team project, The Long View, was one of 14 projects accepted among 114 international entries to be featured in the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery.

The Long View is a gesture-based interactive installation that offers viewers the ability to affect animated elements in a projected space in ways that the artists hope will increase awareness of our fragile and temporary relationship to our planet.

“Our piece integrates open-sourced, physics-based gaming engines in Flash™ with our own gesture-based interactive system that utilizes the Microsoft Kinect™ as an input device. The installation allows and encourages viewers to interact with the projected elements by moving their hands and body in a natural way. The projected “planet” view exhibits visual and behavioral changes over time and evolves as human technology and industrialization advances or increases,” Fitzgerald explains. “Viewers can play with these ‘ecosytems’ to change them in some way. The piece itself loops, and metaphorically creates a conundrum for the viewer as to man’s long-term relationship to the earth.”

See a video demonstration of The Long View:

Long View — SigGraph 2013 Official Selection from Daniel Lunk on Vimeo.

“Many thousands of people attend SIGGRAPH and we hope to bring some recognition to the innovative work being done at the College of Design and specifically the Advanced Media Lab, and the graduate program in animation and new media in the Department of Art + Design,” Fitzgerald says. “Our team and this project is the result of many years of research in experiment interaction design. We work in a wide range of interactive and linear media and are interested in innovative ways for people to interact with computers and visual information.”

Fitzgerald’s team included Jim Martin (undergraduate), Dwayne Martin (graduate student, art + design), Daniel Lunk (graduate student), along with Lee Cherry, manager of the Advanced Media Lab.

By: Caroline Barnhill