Department of Art + Design

Because design, as a professional activity, is interdisciplinary by nature, the Art + Design curriculum offers an educational structure that creates a new art and design professional: one for whom artistic and practical talents are developed as different expressions of one's potentiality.

What is Art+Design?

Designers are problem solvers, the creators of solutions, products, systems and services that improve the quality of life and propel us forward. Artists experiment with materials, observe and ask questions about life; questions that can be answered or questions that just send the artist searching in new directions. These questions can be perplexing, ambiguous, and complex. This may offer an explanation why many perceive art as challenging and unsettling. However the combination of art and design is synergistic, the two re-enforce one another.

Design, as a practice, is interdisciplinary by nature. The Art + Design curriculum provides an educational structure tailored to tackle simple to complex, 21st century problem solving through activities that require left and right brain thinking and making that develops artistic and practical talents.

An artist-designer is a creative practitioner and image-maker who brings form to emotions and ideas.

There is, however, a difference between a traditional artist and an artist-designer: the artist-designer’s visual message does not have to be personal, as they work for another, giving form to expressions or ideas of their client. In short, the artist-designer is a visual translator.


The mission of the Department of Art + Design is identifying and cultivating the unique qualities of each student. As our name indicates, Art + Design is and espouses an interdisciplinary approach to creative problem solving and making. Our process implements innovative teaching methods through new and traditional modes of thought, making, media and technologies. We believe thorough examination of an idea requires an inclusive perspective; we therefore cultivate diverse, multicultural awareness and sensibilities in our students. We strive to be good, active citizens of the global community.