Landscape Architecture Registration Examination Preparatory Course

Landscape Architecture Registration Examination Preparatory Course

Landscape Architecture Registration Examination Preparatory Course

Location: NC State University College of Design
October 10 - 12, 2014

8:30 am to 6:30 pm on Friday, Saturday & Sunday


NC State College of Design
50 Pullen Road, Raleigh
Leazar Hall


Performance Section, Grading & Drainage, Section 4.

Coffee and refreshments included. Breakfast and lunch on your own. (Several places to eat within easy walking distance.)

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Grading, Drainage and Construction Documentation:

Section 4 Bootcamp

Through lecture, group discussion, and practice exercises, this intensive three day course focuses on preparing students to take Section 4: Grading, Drainage & Construction Documentation of the Landscape Architects Registration Examination. 

This course includes a look at what material is typically covered on the exam and strategy tips on the new advanced item types. The course will include a short refresher on the fundamentals of grading and drainage. We will focus on building and reinforcing skills essential to successfully completing section 4 of the LARE. Each student will receive a syllabus and separate problem packages containing over 457 pages of information pertinent to Section 4, a minimum of 155 test questions and 35 Advanced Item Type problems. Lectures, practice tests, practice exercises, question and answer sessions are part of the class.

The program includes:

Overview of the Exam including question formats

Exam Preparation Techniques

Practical Techniques for Solving the new Advanced Type Problems

Grading Principles

Foundation Systems and Setting Finish Floors

Interpretation of Soil Maps and Reports

Watershed Planning

Accessibility Requirements

Roadway Grading

Vision Cone Problem Solving

Effects of Urbanization on Watersheds

Storm Drainage and Stormwater Management Principles & Devices

Elements, Functions and Design of Storm Water Ponds and Dams

Construction Documents


Sedimentation and Erosion Control

Basic Stormwater Computations

Selection of Construction Materials

Construction Detailing

Structural Considerations

Irrigation Systems and Septic Systems

Students will complete timed graphical problems and multiple choice tests typical of those on Section 4 of the LARE. The class takes a programmed approach to Section 4, with lectures covering concepts and techniques applicable to specific problem types, followed by a timed quiz which tests the skills taught. Individual feedback will be given to students as they work. Each problem or test will then be reviewed by the class as a whole. The instructor will provide tips on how to break problems down and conceptualize a plan of attack for developing solutions. All three days will generally follow this format.

For questions regarding course content, please email instructor Ray Freeman.

Who Should Attend?

This course would benefit candidates for the LARE who are taking the exam for the first time or are experiencing difficulty passing section 4 of the LARE.


Ray Freeman, is a principal of Freeman & Jewell Landscape Architecture and has more than 37 years of experience as a Landscape Architect. His specialty areas include site planning, layout and grading plans, sedimentation control, storm drainage and storm water management design, pond design, environmental permitting, and construction detailing. Mr. Freeman has taught this section of the LARE review since the Spring of 2000. He also taught grading and drainage in the Landscape Architecture program at the University of California at Berkeley between 1995-1999. He has also lectured at California State Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo and Harvard University. In addition to private practice, Mr. Freeman currently lectures on materials, detailing and site engineering at the University of California at Berkeley and the Academy of Art University in San Francisco as well as at UC Berkeley Extension.

For logistical information please contact Jean Marie Livaudais at NC State Design.

Comments by Former Students

“I joined you recently for the LARE 3 class in Berkeley. Just wanted to say a big thank you as I actually passed it (after failing it several times). I don't know what magic you weave but it works. Again...thank you. See you in June for Section 4.”

Sharn Stinson-Ure, Marina Del Ray, CA Spr 14

“I passed!! Thanks so much for your insight and for offering your very helpful review course. I think it really helped me to conquer this exam (finally!). It gave me the confidence to know I was prepared and you pointed out a few things that I needed to watch carefully on the exam (both things I was slipping up on & tricky questions to be aware of). I really appreciate your guidance. I'm sure you don't make a fortune by teaching these exams and rather it's a way of giving back to the profession. Please know, you are most appreciated!!

Jennifer Wagner, Raleigh, NC, Sum 13

“Just got the news I passed 4. I couldn't have done it without your bootcamp! I went 4 for 4. I couldn't have done that without your expert teaching, no-nonsense coaching and comprehensive materials. I really appreciate you taking the time to help us all through the LARE process. Are you sure you don't want to do a class on the California exam?” 

Steve Rasmussen Cancian, Los Angeles, CA Spr 14

“I am very excited to say that I have FINALLY successfully completed all of the LARE exams! And it only took me 4 years. I do believe a large part of my success with Section 4 was due to attending your review course. It was an excellent and comprehensive overview of the type of content that was presented in the exam. Thank you for your continued efforts in getting future generations of Landscape Architects licensed!” 

Micah Mc Millan, Honolulu, HI, Spr 13

“I passed! I took your class at NC State this summer and took the 4th and final section in August. Found out yesterday afternoon that I passed and have already filed my paperwork with SC to get licensed. Thanks again! ”

Danielle Riffenberg, Columbia, SC, Sum 13

“Now that I've taken all 4 sections, I'd simply like to tell you that your courses are put together very well and a must for test takers. They've led to my success through three exams and great confidence going into the 4th. Your course cleanly compartmentalized the vast information included in Section 4 and I gained a great deal of professional understanding, regardless of tested result. I also greatly appreciate your teaching style and making the courses enjoyable over the intense weekend format.”

Jayson Wood , Sausalito, CA Sum 13

“I would recommend you take Ray Freemans two day class in the bay area (Sections 1&2) ....of all the review courses I took, his was the most thorough...and it was after that class that I finally passed my last section..B/2 last Sept. (2012) There was info there that I hadn't seen elsewhere, and I do believe it was the determining factor for passing section 2.” 

Agave (google groups), Sum 13

“I passed section 3 of the exam this April, thanks to your class! I took your class in February in Berkeley. I am a mother of 3 under the age of 5, so studying for such an exam while working part time is a challenge. Your class made the exam much easier to study for, much less intimidating as it would have been if I had not taken your course. Your insight is dead on with material content and exam format! Thank you for getting me past this hurdle! This was my first exam, so I do have the other sections to yet pass. Please sign me up for your next class in Berkeley for sections 1 and 2.”

Andrea Chapman, Petaluma, CA Spr 14